One Day in Davao…

One Day in Davao…

Blame it on luck, I was able to see Davao even for just a day. And what can I possibly accomplish in Davao within 24 hours?  Ahaha!

Well, for one, I had to find out what is that famous place to spend a satisfying lunch or dinner. Then, I was introduced to Colasa’s.


There is something different with the way they marinate their barbecues. I liked it in a special way and no questions asked as to why the place has been so popular with tourists and locals alike. During our visit, the dining area was jam-packed though their staff were efficient enough to manage serving everyone.

Next is where to shop in Davao, shopaholic mode. =) Aside from the malls, the shopping mecca of Davao is Aldevinco. I have to borrow some pictures from fellow bloggers. I forgot my camera out of excitement. Though these stuff I got from the whole block of shops selling accessories. Blings, vintage jewelry, handcrafted stuff, t-shirts, bags, foodie goodies ideal for pasalubong, even shawls. I have bought some for my friends back home.

davao 2

For the fun of it, I had to try their famous durian.

Durian…(seriously, it’s famous but I don’t like it’s smell though it tastes okay).

And being a coffee lover that I am, they brought me to this local coffee shop, Tata Benito’s. It’s a local version of Starbucks, Seattle, Coffee bean and tea leaf, etc. Ambiance was homey, friendly staff and of course cheaper cups of your favorite flavored coffee.


It’s also nice to spot a shop selling imported goods (over-runs) just adjacent to where we had our coffee and some pastries.

davao 3
Bought some nice shirts from here..

Another discovery I’ve made was that Davao has hundreds of spas to choose from. You can find them just behind one another along the streets. It’s a typically “Be my guest!” set-up with their scented receiving areas equipped with the soothing sound of rippling water that adds impact to the total ambiance. We highlighted the day with a relaxing massage erasing all the pressures and stress of leaving Davao so soon. I missed a lot from the place and I hope to come back soon.


Wish list:

1. Pearl Farm


2. People’s park

People’s park…

Borrowed from:,_Davao_City.jpg

3. Lazuli spa

lazuli spa
This is in Marco polo hotel…

Till then Davao! (–,)


It’s “No smoking” in Davao…