Burrow Cafe in Antipolo

Burrow Cafe in Antipolo

“Enjoy the little things”

Photo credits: https://urbanmoms.ca/parenting/its-all-about-appreciating-the-little-things-in-life/

And I thought I’ve had enough of Antipolo. That tranquility I felt being inside that 386 years old church, a historic landmark, the Antipolo cathedral, that buzzling sound of the market while you’re buying native dainties like “suman” (rice cake), “kalamay” (a sticky sweet delicacy), cashew nuts and more. The idyllic vibe of Vieux Chalet, the abstract beauty of Crescent Moon Cafe and Gallery where food and art are typically combined, and not to forget the picturesque Pinto Art Museum, even the famous “Hinulugang Taktak”. Yet, there’s more. Recently, Jen, my travel/foodie buddy, asked me to block-off one weekend to visit a homemade affair: the “Artis Artisan Bazaar”.

Since it featured a line-up of products I intend to sell soon, It’ll definitely be helpful to me, give me additional knowledge, stir my senses, meet fellow artists and much more.

Antipolo usually take more than 4 hours of my time just to get there, but getting there, it is always worth it.

Photo credits: https://www.instagram.com/artisartisanbazaar/


Super soft quilted pillows! =)
These pots are so cute! inspires me to paint pots too!
Moroccan quilts!
Calligraphy! The girl on the photo is the artist herself. =)

We didn’t just enjoy shopping from this charming bazaar, we need not go out of their vicinity to find someplace to dine since there is “Burrow Cafe” which serves great food at the same time.

It is a “feel-good” place, achieving the ambience of transporting you to another place or time, because it is literally rustic and the drizzle during our visit created a truly country-feel like vibe. I wasn’t able to capture the falling leaves from that floor to ceiling glass window, it was dreamy.

They’re menu isn’t too complicated, the attendants offered to try some of their best sellers. It is creatively presented like you’re reading the menu from a book. So innovative. What I got is the Tender beef tapa (yes, they’re literally tender) =). While Jen had Anise Roasted pork rice bowl. We shared a slice of their Pumpkin (Calabasa) cake, believe me it tasted like Pistachio cake for me. It was really good! =) I also enjoyed a healthy drink, I had Avocado shake and Jen had Calamansi shake since it’ll do her good being sick for days already.

There are greens all around. The soft sound of rippling water from the brook completed the placidity I don’t usually find in my daily grind.


They have cool merchandise too.

And colorful hammocks too!

I wish to do more of this. =) Not the hammock thing, but to visit places that are new to me, like a respite from the ordinary patterned life. It is so relaxing, moments when your mind goes blank and all you feel is the moment itself, it realigns you to your inner self. #oldsoul

From the root word itself, Burrow Cafe is literally located under the ground. =)

burrow pic

Burrow Cafe is located at 113 Beverly Hills Ave, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo City. You can call them to make reservation at: 0917-622-9795, or email them at: burrowcafeph@gmail.com for further inquiry.

For your convenience, they prepared a map as your guide:

Like a child at 14 Four Cafe

Fourteen Four Cafe

“Every Summer, like the roses, childhood returns.” ~Marty Rubin~

I’ll always love blogging. =)

For my “I am blogger” photo. Credits to: http://www.freepik.com/

14 Four cafe logo courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/14FourCafe/

As a child, I grew up in my parents’ house with a huge lawn where I play hide and seek with my cousins, with my dog and with my papa. I incurred scars in my knees because I wanted to run faster than our dog. I put mud in my mini cooking plate and let it dry for a day so we will have a cake the morning after.

I miss that huge lawn, we took care of dozens of love birds and I remember waking up with their chirping calling out my mom as if announcing that it’s already feeding time. My dog’s name is Tsandu. It is taken from a character’s name from my father’s story line in Filipino comics way back mid-70s. He was an illustrator. An artist.

In that lawn, different kinds of plants are grouped in corners. Some pots are even painted in varying colors. There is a huge star apple tree that gives shade to the whole area making it an ideal place to relax in our green 4-seater garden set. In some corners, you’ll see huge lava rocks which my papa brought home when we went hiking in Mt. Mayon. Along with over-sized sea shells which he also brought home from several beaches that we’ve been to. The other side of the house is with roof because it is where our garage is. You will often hear the likes of Frank Sinatra, Matt Monroe, Elvis Presley serenading you in a humid afternoon. He is fond of Tchaikovsky too. During weekends, my parents invite relatives to have barbecue with us.

I really look up to weekends. When my mom starts preparing pre-sliced pork and marinate them, I get so excited. At the main entrance, a realist painting, (a wedding gift to my parents by my uncle who happens to be an artist too, he’s a known painter during the 70s) will welcome you. If you’re a stranger , upon passing by that house, you would have guess that it is owned by some sort of an artist. And it is. My papa was popular then, I see him being mobbed by people asking their comics to be signed by him. I was just a spectator admiring him from afar.

I had to plot this specific day trip with Jen and travel for hours to reach a very similar place. Jen hadn’t sleep yet, she just came from work, and I’m thankful that she easily gave in to my whims. This place really brought me back to that time while I was still a child. When I first saw it, 14 Four Cafe being tucked in the vicinity of Tanay, Rizal, brought me to memory lane. Since we are from the South, it was really difficult for us finding it, as we are not similar to that place.

Some drivers doesn’t even know where 14 Four Cafe is. And finally, when we reached it. I felt like a child once again. I roamed around instantly without even informing the attendants who pleasantly welcomed us of the instruction given to us when we reserved a table for two as they do not accommodate walk-in guests. Visits are limited too, which is an advantage since they can better taking care of guests unlike when it is peak, attendants will be so busy. Their service, since guests are limited is more personal.

Now I know that 14 4 is the # of their house.
I captured some millennials enjoying their stay as well.


Ironically, even if we found it hard to locate, guests keep coming. The house, more so, the whole place speaks for the artist who owns it. It is owned by Nikki Sambile, a designer. His father, who happens to be an artist too (like my father), showcases his furniture collection on this same place too.



I want these chairs in my garden too. =)
Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/14FourCafe/

Can you imagine that I traveled all the way from Laguna just to have this vegetarian dish? It is Veggie Quesadilla with pesto soaked tomatoes, shitakes, melted mozzarella topped with garlic crema. It has grilled eggplants too and nachos on the side. While Jen, still full from our real lunch on our way to Rizal (2pc. chicken please! lol!), had something light and sweet. She had Amaretto French toast. She chose it because of the toasted almonds. She was overwhelmed with the whipped cream though.

Lighter meal for us.

It was funny that they have Milo to offer as drinks. It really reminded me of my childhood days. I was a Milo kid then.

I ❤ Milo! =)

I would even eat it alone scooping portions continuously.

Table for two?=)







Nope, I actually visited because I needed an inspiration. Being an artist myself, I have to see others in that same niche too.

An artist’s imagination is infinite.
Rustic type of a faucet and its’ basin.
This is the showroom of Stick designs. http://www.14fourcafe.com/location.html

Get the feel of it and be inspired instantly!

I am not that happy with this photo. We were not able to capture all the colors behind me.

Which surely I did! We don’t even want to leave and hoping to stay longer, however, like I said, it took us almost half of that day traveling.


So, we left after relaxing in one of the couches al fresco, wondering if we can make time to really come back. Maybe.


Siesta – afternoon nap.


They’re a favorite of those whose about to wed too, for pre-nup photos. =)

14 Four Cafe is located at:
144 Magnolia Lane, Gregoria Heights Subdivision, Bgy San Isidro
Taytay, Rizal

For reservation, you can call them at: 0999 888 0144


Pinto Art Museum – Your portal to one of Philippines’ greatest Art collection. 

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”
~Vincent Van Gogh~

If you look at my blog site, my Facebook page, my Instagram and Pinterest account, you will instantly conclude that I am an artist by heart.

Yes I am.

When I took up Interior Design, I have witnessed genuine artists. My classmates, my Professors and their colleagues.

We were exposed to museums, art galleries and exhibits. Some of which are ours where each student represents one creation.

I did not dare to categorize myself with them because I am not good at freehand drawing like my other classmates. However before graduation, our mentors since we’re freshmen identified the strengths of each. I in particular, my mentor claimed that I have tons of ideas to create original designs, that I am very detailed and that an artist never required excellence in freehand drawing so I can still excel with doing abstracts. And I tried a few times. She also enumerated what occupations would fit us. I remember her saying I am a free soul since I did not limit myself with established borders.

I did not end up like a Professional Artist. But it was good enough for me (just to mend a broken heart for not being a full-time one) that I was able to utilize my degree at some points in my entire career life. I did booths for exhibits, sleepless during ingress, commended for a beautiful color scheme by a former boss. He asked me to reproduce more sets, however, I only did them from the remaining fabrics that were already discontinued. So I can not clone that one anymore which eventually annoyed him. =(

I did window displays of Merchandise shops. Took charge of the the interiors and exteriors of a significant part of a theme park where I used to work, spear-headed annual competitions, emulating Broadway hits and won thrice. And as stupid as I can be sometimes, my designs were even stolen twice. These are some of my pride.

I love art. I love colors. Bright ones. Sometimes I love the soft pastels too. I am inspired by gifted hands and tried to do them in my own special way. DIYs, reproductions, tweaked in such a way you will be allowed to own it.

So anything that has to do with Arts. I am in that leaning. I am like a child who won’t stop asking her mom to give in to what I am wishing for.

One of the galleries I really wanted to see is Pinto Art Museum.

Welcome arch..
We’re here, finally, after four long hours of traveling.
It’s still Christmas at Pinto..

It was a bit hard on my part since I have to spend 5 hours to get there by commute. A total of 4 rides.

Nature and Arts combined.



And then finally, I was able to visit it by chance on a Sunday. Which we realized isn’t wise to do since the place is a bit cramped. Considering you have to savor each piece, those works of art laboriously brought to life by renowned artists.

Jen and I had to wait (long) for our turns to revel on each piece and she ran out of patience and asked me if we can leave since she is no longer enjoying. I actually feel the same way but I tried to ignore it since I am in between enjoying the place and running out of patience at the same time.

I might suggest to the management the possibility of limiting the number of visits per day and maybe manage the galleries in such a way that bystanders won’t linger just so to give chance to others. Or it’s just a wishful thinking as I remember visiting this theme park with more than 10,000 guests at that time. Should we limit it or not might be a major concern.


I also asked Jen whether the “Pinto” is the surname of the curator or they are literally referring to the word which is “Door” in the English language. It is the latter.



I have collected several photos with “doors”. And archs, stairs, windows and of course with the different art works carefully distributed in each gallery.




Several stairs..



You will find there everything related to the Arts:










Negatives lighted from the back. And most of them are Saints..









p10 p18

Conceptual Arts



For the girls!


This one is inside a glass cabinet..

Junk arts

Thought it was a man’s ribs then I saw that padlock.

Historical and religious items

There’s a chapel to welcome you at Pinto..

And even Architecture

p5 p16 p22






And nature in all its’ beauty.




A day is not enough to revere in their pulchritude.

And so we will make a second visit. A planned one. =)

This blog is like a gratitude to the curator who assembled hundreds of different masterpieces. It is beyond question, one of Filipino’s pride. Thank you for promoting a world-class prowess.

Pinoy pride...
Pinoy pride…


And secretly, I wished that I have one of my piece displayed there, under a pseudonym. =)

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery 

“No matter what our differences are, we all look at the same moon.” ~anonymous~

I am so happy today. I was wearing my favorite color. I did something I wanted to do for a long time now. It is to spend time with my bff’s mom. She is somewhat special too because she was the one who brought up this soul who have been putting up with my uniqueness, my good and bad side, my whole and my emptiness. I thought I owe it to her mom too.


I have been thinking about it and planning for it, however, I’m quite tied up with a lot of things. Making time for it, is something that made me happy. With a zealous hope that it made them happy too.

Foodie buddy was the one who suggested a place just 30 minutes away from their place. She was so ecstatic when she told me of it. She even assured me that I’m going to love it.  It’s called “Crescent moon Cafe and Gallery”. Sounds interesting. Hmmn. With me, anything with moon is interesting! As I checked on it, it is so me. With all its’ thrill, we finally made it. With her mom.


Crescent moon cafe!
Lush foliage captured..

I have been talking to Ms. Majalya for the past days like getting the directions, activities during weekends, etc.

They hold seminars teaching about pottery. I saw one from Vigan and another from Quezon province, and another from the movie “Ghost”.

It looks exciting but it takes a long time to master it. The potters I’ve known have been doing it all their lives for them to come up with very pretty pottery. It amazes me though it’s not me. I’m more into quilting, painting or sewing girlish stuff. Still, I would love to see one’s different passion. It remains to be an inspiration, like a niche for a few.

We came there, greeted by a pretty lady with a name tag on her shirt, it says: Lanelle.

At that time I didn’t know she’s the Potter and the owner of this cafe until after having our lunch and I was checking their crafts and saw her photo from a magazine clipping. Her name on the displays. And another article featuring her. It is her! =)




Earlier, I’ve met with Majalya, and later found out that she’s the daughter of Ms. Lanelle and equally pretty as her mom. She warned me when I offered my hand to shake hers that it still has some clays since there is an on-going class of making pots. And I didn’t mind. I shook her hand. She went out just to check us out. It was such a sweet gesture. =)



On one of the tables, I saw a leaflet that reads:”Pot Session!”. And it sounds both funny and fun.

While the spread that was served. Utilizing all those clays that were made by their hands. They’re pretty awesome. Unique. And Organic. =)


Gastronomic delights! =)
And out of curiosity, we checked the back and it was created just recently. =)

They served us pasta in coconut milk sauce. I haven’t heard of it yet but it tasted good for me. We had chicken and pork barbecue topped with shaved green mangoes. The barbecue sauce has a special taste.

We had mussels soup. And grilled pink salmon in butter.

I must assume Jen’s mom enjoyed it as much as we do. And we had “ginataang halo-halo” for dessert. It’s a famous dessert for Filipinos.

Ginataang bilo-bilo!

And we were also served iced tea. There’s a corner for unlimited coffee too. It came with carabao’s fresh milk and brown sugar which I happen to like better.

2 cups
Coffee is unlimited! Lucky me! =)

I took some pictures of the place, all lush foliage captured. A lot from the gallery too. Listed the items to get upon return. And photos with Jen’s mom. =)

Mother and daughter!
Me too!



I saw a lot of violets, yellows and blues too..=)










hi moon

After the interiors, I went out. =) Leaving alone Jen and her mom so they can bond.








There were unique species of flowers all around..




flower 2

flower 1

My favorite color…<3

And a photo with Ms. Lanelle herself. She gave me her email address and told me to look for her in FB. “Let’s be friends” she said.


It was such a nice feeling to be meeting new people. Or trying something different from your daily routine. Or tasting something you’ve never heard of before. That’s what makes adventures special. They leave you marks and smiles in your heart. And gratefulness that you were able to do something different.

I think, that is what traveling and exploring is all about. To continue appreciating what delight life can offer.

I am thinking to visit Mia Casal’s and Petty john and Clemens Wirth one day soon.

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery is located at:

Sapang Buho Road Brgy. Dalig, 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

Below is map for your guide. =)

Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/CrescentMoonCafeAndStudioPottery/timeline
Courtesy of:

Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant…

VIEUX CHALET Swiss Restaurant…

“Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”~Julian Barnes~

Finally I get to see in person this beautiful place I have been eyeing for the longest time. And it’s just here in the Philippines.

photo 1
photo 2 (1)
I’ve seen this chef from a lot of blogs, he is so famous! ❤
photo 1
Go down and you’ll find the swimming pool and the lovely rooms…
photo 2
I felt it! ❤

It was a long trip than usual to get to Antipolo. Merely, 3 hour drive from my hometown.

Aside from the church that I intend to  visit because we always do when I was a little girl, one that is included in my bucket list is VIEUX CHALET.

A Swiss restaurant owned of course by a Swiss guy who married a Filipina and opted to put this up some 30 years ago. Papu Tony as his grandchildren calls him passed away with a legacy of love seen and felt from every corner of Vieux Chalet.

photo 3
There’s love for Art everywhere..
photo 4
And they’re loved by Trip advisor too!(–,)
photo 2
Shingled walls are meant for the snow to come down, if it’s a no snow country, they’re meant to adorn a plain wall..

Tucked at a small village with cliffs and upside down winding road, the driver doesn’t even know where it is, thanks to my foodie buddy, she brought a map. We ended up smelling the aroma of something that someone is cooking up. Its’ scent is so flavorful you would conclude that we are finally there. It’s a special tomato sauce according to the crews when we are already inside the restaurant.

It felt like we were Hansel and Gretel who were steered by the scent of the dish to lure us go near them. And I was right. We were at Vieux Chalet! The place is so quiet, it is sitting peacefully in a corner lot after we passed by several inns and restaurants. There’s a painted patio leading to the entrance, some stairs to get to the dining area itself.

It is not that big. Probably around 6 sets of 2 seater tables, 4 of which can be shared by 3. They’re the ones beside the window.

photo 5 (1)
Happiness is home-made..

The other 2 is on the center and a big one that sits 10 persons. A foyer is at the end displaying a number of framed photos which speaks for the old country house.

photo 1
I visualized the family who dined here! ❤
photo 1 (1)
Some plates are printed some are plain..
photo 5
This place is loaded with memories! ❤

You will be welcomed by an antique piano with a lot of cute stuff displayed on top of it.

photo 3
The piano..

The wooden tongue and groove floor reminded me of childhood days. The sound of it brought me back to our house when I was 7 years old.

photo 3 (2)
T & G!

As I was enjoying the patio, some girls went out of the kitchen where the scent is coming, all smiles and asked if we have a reservation. I immediately mentioned a very accommodating lady named Sally. She was the one I was coordinating with for the past few weeks. We were ushered to the dining area, 3 of them and smiled in sync. We felt very welcomed as if they were expecting us. The chef passes by from time to time and just like the smile that we receive from the others previously, his is as sincere.

photo 4
This chair is waiting for me! =)
photo 5
And this table! ❤
photo 5
Feels like home…
photo 4
Now I know why I can’t throw away cake trays! ❤
photo 1 (1)
Recycled cake trays!

Marian, the girl in polkadot dress, was the one who informed us of that dish that they’re cooking. I can’t forget the scent of it. It was so distinctive.

One waiter asked if we’re here to dine or stay for the night. I returned to them the same smile while speaking that we will just dine and staying for the night will be soon. I reminded him that we will check the rooms after we dine.

photo 3 (1)
photo 2 (1)
A lot of testimonies!
photo 5 (1)
Knick knacks…
photo 2
Dessert spoon collection – mostly vintage!
photo 3
Where’s the comfort room? Please turn right and another right! (–,)

Their menu was so exciting. We didn’t get the Swiss specialties (reserving it once for our stay) and had pizza and pasta instead.

photo 3
So lovely!
photo 2 (1)
Can’t choose right away! =)
photo 1
Pasta please.. Fettuccine Padilla…

Besides, it has always been our favorite combination. We promised one another that one day  we will both have authentic ones from Italy. That might take loooong to save for it though we intend to try.

When our food were served. The scent was ambrosial. And when we tasted it. I could not find the right words to describe it. Just heavenly. They literally made me forget everything. The long trip going here was truly worth it.

photo 3
Pizza Napoli…

The owners’ daughter took culinary arts yet he was able to retain the goodness of home made food. The legacy of Papu Tony. It tasted so personal. Like the ones you will cook and serve for a loved one.

As we were verbally expressing its’ goodness, we saw them smiling as if they have seen the same scene time and again.  The other tables have reserved signages signaling that its going to be a busy weekend.

photo 2

Our fettuccine came with home made smoked ham which softness is just right, very tasteful and blended well with the 2 kinds of mushrooms included. One is shiitake and the other one I forgot the name. The sauce is creamed lightly and might have include that home-made tomato sauce they were cooking up when we arrived. And then to complete it, some ricotta cheese.

photo 4 (1)
Fettuccine Padilla…

Our pizza is not that thin nor that thick. It is just right. It was loaded with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and garlic. Like our pasta, it has been at par with the best pizzas we have ever tasted. Its’ taste is something like it was lovingly done.

photo 3
It’ll always be my favorite!
photo 5 (2)
Home-made chili sauce!

Both pizza and pasta has some parsley that went with it even on our drinks.

photo 5 (1)
Fresh mango juice and home-made iced tea!

I am not so sure if I am just hungry and tired but even the drinks we had (yellow mango juice and home made iced tea) were great for me. They were 5 stars literally. And the service is 6 stars and the ambiance is 6 too.

photo 1
Healthy drink for us please!

One thing is certain. We will come back and waking up, seeing the morning sun under the skies of Antipolo, smelling the scent of home cooked goodness and seeing the table with the breakfast and cheese platter, I already visualized.

photo 5

There is this room with knick knacks and goodies. They call it Lavender room.

photo 1 (1)
Lover of lavender too..
photo 4
Ladder turned shelf…
photo 5 (3)
Lavender room.. I guess I’ll come up with the same room at home… My sacred place… (–,)

One of the daughters shared the same love for my favorite color. It inspired me to create one corner at home too.

You wouldn’t believe we forget to check the rooms as planned out of chatting how good our experience have been. We went home with happy tummies and cant wait to spend a day or two with them. See you soon Vieux Chalet.

Antipolo boasts some good places too that we might try soon. We listed a few for the time being:

  • Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa
  • Crescent Moon Cafe
  • Pinto Art Museum
  • Seven Suites Hotel Observatory
  • Casa Ibiza
  • Hinulugang Taktak falls

Vieux Chalet is located at:

456 Taktak Road, Sitio Sampaguita, Brgy. Sta. Cruz Antipolo City, 1870

Courtesy of: