Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery 

“No matter what our differences are, we all look at the same moon.” ~anonymous~

I am so happy today. I was wearing my favorite color. I did something I wanted to do for a long time now. It is to spend time with my bff’s mom. She is somewhat special too because she was the one who brought up this soul who have been putting up with my uniqueness, my good and bad side, my whole and my emptiness. I thought I owe it to her mom too.


I have been thinking about it and planning for it, however, I’m quite tied up with a lot of things. Making time for it, is something that made me happy. With a zealous hope that it made them happy too.

Foodie buddy was the one who suggested a place just 30 minutes away from their place. She was so ecstatic when she told me of it. She even assured me that I’m going to love it.  It’s called “Crescent moon Cafe and Gallery”. Sounds interesting. Hmmn. With me, anything with moon is interesting! As I checked on it, it is so me. With all its’ thrill, we finally made it. With her mom.


Crescent moon cafe!
Lush foliage captured..

I have been talking to Ms. Majalya for the past days like getting the directions, activities during weekends, etc.

They hold seminars teaching about pottery. I saw one from Vigan and another from Quezon province, and another from the movie “Ghost”.

It looks exciting but it takes a long time to master it. The potters I’ve known have been doing it all their lives for them to come up with very pretty pottery. It amazes me though it’s not me. I’m more into quilting, painting or sewing girlish stuff. Still, I would love to see one’s different passion. It remains to be an inspiration, like a niche for a few.

We came there, greeted by a pretty lady with a name tag on her shirt, it says: Lanelle.

At that time I didn’t know she’s the Potter and the owner of this cafe until after having our lunch and I was checking their crafts and saw her photo from a magazine clipping. Her name on the displays. And another article featuring her. It is her! =)




Earlier, I’ve met with Majalya, and later found out that she’s the daughter of Ms. Lanelle and equally pretty as her mom. She warned me when I offered my hand to shake hers that it still has some clays since there is an on-going class of making pots. And I didn’t mind. I shook her hand. She went out just to check us out. It was such a sweet gesture. =)



On one of the tables, I saw a leaflet that reads:”Pot Session!”. And it sounds both funny and fun.

While the spread that was served. Utilizing all those clays that were made by their hands. They’re pretty awesome. Unique. And Organic. =)


Gastronomic delights! =)
And out of curiosity, we checked the back and it was created just recently. =)

They served us pasta in coconut milk sauce. I haven’t heard of it yet but it tasted good for me. We had chicken and pork barbecue topped with shaved green mangoes. The barbecue sauce has a special taste.

We had mussels soup. And grilled pink salmon in butter.

I must assume Jen’s mom enjoyed it as much as we do. And we had “ginataang halo-halo” for dessert. It’s a famous dessert for Filipinos.

Ginataang bilo-bilo!

And we were also served iced tea. There’s a corner for unlimited coffee too. It came with carabao’s fresh milk and brown sugar which I happen to like better.

2 cups
Coffee is unlimited! Lucky me! =)

I took some pictures of the place, all lush foliage captured. A lot from the gallery too. Listed the items to get upon return. And photos with Jen’s mom. =)

Mother and daughter!
Me too!



I saw a lot of violets, yellows and blues too..=)










hi moon

After the interiors, I went out. =) Leaving alone Jen and her mom so they can bond.








There were unique species of flowers all around..




flower 2

flower 1

My favorite color…<3

And a photo with Ms. Lanelle herself. She gave me her email address and told me to look for her in FB. “Let’s be friends” she said.


It was such a nice feeling to be meeting new people. Or trying something different from your daily routine. Or tasting something you’ve never heard of before. That’s what makes adventures special. They leave you marks and smiles in your heart. And gratefulness that you were able to do something different.

I think, that is what traveling and exploring is all about. To continue appreciating what delight life can offer.

I am thinking to visit Mia Casal’s and Petty john and Clemens Wirth one day soon.

Crescent Moon Cafe & Gallery is located at:

Sapang Buho Road Brgy. Dalig, 1870 Antipolo, Philippines

Below is map for your guide. =)

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