Iloilo & Bacolod…

Iloilo and Bacolod side trips…

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel, until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow. ~Lin Yutang~

The first time I saw Iloilo. I was very observant with the way Ilonggos speak. As they were able to distinct themselves as the most soft spoken and sweetest people of the country.

True enough, the manner that they spoke is contagious, very courteous and very sweet. As sweet as the first food I’ve tried which we bought from the airport.

baye baye
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We stayed at Amigo Terrace hotel,

Friendly attendants..

Since it was December, the lobby was already embellished with a giant Christmas tree. Christmas balls are also seen in all corners signifying the season.

Happy Christmas! (–,)
Yey! I can rest now (from shopping! lol!)
Dainty foyer..

I like this hotel, specifically the comforters, the softest I’ve had.

Planta hotel
I love my comforters! I wish I can bring them home! ehehe!

The staff are very sweet (or maybe because I was in Iloilo), I must say Iloilo is very special.

Of course we need to know where to dine and satisfy our aching stomach. We ended up having chicken barbecues from “The Avenue” . It was jam-packed when we visit and we had to wait for our seats. While waiting, I bought myself a nice teal bag. =)

Their chicken barbecue is different from ours. It has a unique flavor. I have discovered, during all my travel, each and every stop, each province in the Philippines prided a specific menu of their own. Iloilo has several.

We were brought to the “Original house of Biscocho”. We were also able to check out “Panaderia de Molo” with the barquillos, galletas, etc. And I guess each of us were carrying our own boxes of goodies. Hoarding time. ahaha! I also noticed with admiration, most houses I’ve passed by, were of Spanish architecture and were fairly preserved. We also passed by the Lizares mansion. And SM. ahaha.

Mall hopping!

It was also a short stay in Iloilo. We missed to hit Jaro. Though, early morning, we grabbed our complimentary Filipino/ American breakfast. I had tapa, garlic rice, fresh fruits and a cup of coffee with latte.

We packed and headed to the station to take a Supercat (a robust boat) headed to Bacolod. It is actually my first time to ride on a motor boat. It’s fast (I almost puked), not too small and not too big, and is very fast, we were only less than 50 passengers at that time. They’re laughing at me saying even a jet-setter could not take Supercat. It felt like the ocean is going to swallow us. I can see from the windows we were being occupied by the water at times. It actually horrified me. =( Thank God it didn’t take us long to reach Bacolod. whew!

I’m still drowsy walking, gliding my luggage and my feet at the same time. I guess I looked funny. I work my way up to avoid teetering. Until we settled in our hotel.

Facade of Planta hotel..
planta cofee
Dining hall..
Those centerpiece flowers are always fresh..

Planta Hotel named after the vast plantation of sugar cane (which Iloilo and Bacolod are famous for). We all landed on our beds. A quick shower is all it takes after that nap to be up and about and readied ourselves to stroll again.

We first visited a Souvenir shop. I got my ref magnet, a tradition I keep to every place new to me, a native tote and mascaras which happens to be Bacolod’s symbol. Due to this Festival that only Bacolod celebrates. It is very unique and colorful.

From Wikipedia:,_Bacolod_City,_Philippines.JPG

We went to some shops to buy goodies and while we’re on queue to pay, staff claimed that the former President’s daughter frequents the place without us asking.

We also had the freshest scallops and fresh-catch fish in tamarind soup from Pala-pala restaurant. It is located on 18th & Aguinaldo Streets.

pala pala

Please check them from:

baco 1
I can’t find my photo of the wood carvings chandelier of this place..
With my friend, Josie..

And scallops again by dinner this time from Aboy’s.

Took advantage of scallops. We had it for lunch, and now we had them for dinner too! ahaha!

We’ve been wanting to see more of Bacolod, but we can’t afford to stay longer, I dire to go home and afraid to be away from home during the holidays. Christmas time is waiting for me back home.

My boss would always require hotel accommodations that comes with complimentary breakfasts. This time, I had an all American breakfast. =)

Josie in the pic discussing “To dos” for the day..

Nevertheless, it was such a pleasure to see Ilo and Baco. As they use to call it, short for Iloilo and Bacolod respectively.