Check Bohol for the CHOCOLATE HILLS!

Chocolate Hills-Carmen, Bohol

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” ~Anita Desai~

The ferry ride from Cebu to Bohol and the 200+ steps stairs that I climbed to get a better view of the Chocolate hills were truly worth it. I have to say it because the ferry ride gave me jitters and two in a row were too much for me. Trekking at the Tarsier’s  conservatory is another and having lunch afloat a restaurant that got us around Loboc river.

choco 11
I made it!

The hills when I turned around the vast landscape at 360 degrees was breath taking! Not because I climbed without resting except for a few pauses when I wanted to take pictures of the hills from different angles. I kept on climbing and climbing, I was actually secretly counting it! ahaha! Catching my breath and when I reached the top? The view took my breath away… It was so amazing!

God’s gift… earth and sky…

I have been dreaming to see them even as a child as the teacher asked us to enumerate the list of natural wonders of the Philippines. The Chocolate hills is what I clearly remember along the Banaue rice terraces, Maria Cristina falls and the Mayon volcano. As child, the chocolates literally tickled my imaginations.

choco 6
More than 1,200 conical hills…
choco 5
They came up with several tales out of these hills…
choco 3
Imagine living in front of them..

I am so grateful that I am just meters away from them. We can actually go near them via scooters which are for rent. However, seeing them from the top is indeed enough for me to revel in its’ grandeur.

choco 1
choco 12
This one with trees drying up, resembles the color of chocolates.
choco 4
I just wish I took more photos but it rained…

So this is what local and foreign alike are gushing about. Truly considered as one of the country’s pride. I have read endless connotations about this natural wonder and I hope that the local government will exercise all measures to preserve this gift. Apart from its vivid shades comes out bright greens and terra cottas and created a transcendent panorama where visual sights and sounds of someones’ heartbeat coincide. There were a lot of muffled moments from the three of us and even from the other tourists probably we are all running out of words to describe the magnificence verbally. Staring at them in all admiration. Hubby even captured us not blinking.

choco 10
Speechless.. We are beside each other and we weren’t even talking..
choco 9
choco 8
Tatty.. short for “tatay”..
choco 7
Father and son..

I have to thank him for his determination to bring us to this experience. True enough, the beauty of nature nurtures the soul.