What I miss in Tacloban? (part 2)

Tacloban has taught me to enjoy solitude. I learned there not to mind being alone (for a time). There’s so much to do in Tacloban if you’re a traveler! And I had to come up with a part 2 from my previous post:

TAC 20
Since I do not have the luxury to dine in restaurants all the time, I get the “puso”, their version of steamed rice wrapped in dried coconut leaves, and I pair them with their famous bbq (smaller version if compared with the usual bbqs that we are familiar with), and vegee soup and mango float from the hotel. Voila! (–,)
TAC 18
Hotel de Angelo is just a block away from Kapalua Spa which I frequents every weekend.
jose carlo
Jose Carlo is Tacloban’s version of Starbucks. After I went to church, I stopped by here to sip their coffee and freshly baked breads and pastries. If i’m picking my laundry (just beside this coffee shop), I am often tempted to stop by. They have wifi and computers for rent as well. I love coffee, don’t I?
I especially miss their festivals. Full of color, full of life, you’ll be in trance and will forget all the homesickness of being away from your family.
Aaaaaw! And look at how they smiled at me! They’re so sincere. They willingly posed for me when I requested for their photo as one of my souvenirs. The costumes, its’ colors and the abundance of culture showcased with pride in this event.  It’s more fun in Tacloban! (–,)
Scallops delights me everywhere in Tacloban! <3 no rashes for me, as you can be sure they've been always fresh!
Scallops delights me everywhere in Tacloban!

When you get to visit Tacloban, if you love Japanese food. You can have it here. I eyed one near my hotel, it’s Tempura haus, sorry no pictures, the ambience is great, this is where I first witness the flexibility of polycarbonates, as they used said material for their dividers, Miso soup is great (and always hot) and the tempuras themselves served hot and crisp as well.

Another is Tsinoy’s Grill. Owner was kind enough to deliver my food in my hotel if at times I don’t feel like going out. It’s been a great stay in Tacloban. Actually, there were a lot of things that I was not able to do in Tacloban. The caves, I forgot about the caves. And I haven’t tried Rafael’s farm. I’d be back soon. (–,) Besides, I’ve acquired great and reliable friends from Tacloban! ❤