My Childhood Summer Cooler

My Childhood Summer cooler

“Who said that we have to grow-up?” ~Walt Disney~

I hailed from a family who loves to eat. Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner meals plays a major part of the activities we do together as I am an only child. Once my mom or my dad took charge of a specific meal, expect that I am next to either of them. I volunteer to share some labor. Most of which were labor of love. It’s been a hefty meal most of the time.

However, preparing snacks between meals is another. Here’s one I thoughtfully remember as sweet and unique too. Kinda laborious but it’s all worth it.

Milky and sweet…

Just sharing…


– 2 whole grated coconut (juice extract that can yield a liter)
– 1/8 kg of washed sugar
– 3 pcs. native gelly (color of your choice/ i used green here). Or the easier one to prepare, Jell-o/ 30oz. or Mr. Gulaman (local brand) is good as well.
– 1 medium bowl of pinipig (rice crispies)


1. Extract the juice or milk of the 2 coconut, set aside in a huge pitcher

2. Drop the gelatin cut in cubes

3. Stir and add sugar (depeding on how sweet you want it)

4. Pour in goblets or cute glasses (for presntation purposes)

5. Top with rice crispies.


And hints of crunchiness too..

I looked up to summers for these kind of things. Childhood memories brought to adulthood it is. Loved by the next generations as well! Thank you papa!

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Legacy of love…