My Purple Yam…


Take your pleasure seriously. – Charles Eames

I am not a chef. I did not take up HRM during college nor courses like Nutrition or things related to the Culinary arts. Yet I was exposed to the gastronomic know-how of my papa who hailed from Pampanga. It is a town in our country that is very famous for their delicacies, sumptuous delectable recipes aged old to perfection and innovation through the years. my mom on the other hand hailed from Cavite and had been a big influence as well in my style of cooking. I myself is awed that I do not need enumerated recipe to complete a meal. Just by tasting it, I can cook it in no time. I’ve learned to cook and have some recipes done almost perfectly. I have a couple of recipe books (most of them were gifts) and I just used them as a guide. I am sharing one:


Halaya or ube or purple yam is an old dessert which is never not included on the list of banquets during modern parties. But try to go to fiestas (Town festivals) and it takes center stage! It takes time and patience and lots of patience again to perfect it.

For 2 kgs. of taro, It needs:

– 1 kg. white sugar

– 1 kg. brown sugar

– 2 big cans of evaporated milk

– butter to taste

– grated cheese to taste

– 1 box of cream

The 2 kgs. of Taro would need grinding. Place in a heated wok and mix the 2 cans of milk. Allow to boil and stir continuously. This would normally take hours until it is thick. The sugar, butter and cheese can be mixed anytime. It would like a lava so be careful not to get too near while stirring. =)

You will also be needing an arm strong of love while cooking it. As it gets thicker, it gets more difficult to stir, you gotta need someone to assist you to finish it up. There was once, I experienced doing it all by myself and I would not want to do it anymore! Ahaha!

ube 1
Brown sugar..

In Baguio, they boast the purple yam prepared by the Nuns of Good shepherd. When you get there, anticipate the long queue. It is how people loved that purple yam. It is a softer version. They sell that in Tagaytay too!

Here’s our family’s version (transferred by my Grandma to my papa (and his siblings) and my papa to me):

ube 2
It needs butter too..

We don’t want it soft like those we get in bottled containers. Though secretly, I like it better. Ehehe!

Our chewy purple yum!

Ours is more solid, thicker and almost like a candy, it is also chewy. You can also wrap them in little portions like candies. Very good as dessert after meals that are oily and saucy, like saving your fork as the best for last.

Happy cooking!