My version of Classic Potato Salad…

My version of the Classic Potato Salad 

“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like.” ~Mark Twain~

Yum yum!

We take eating seriously. We do not just take it seriously. We enjoy it. We love it. If you can’t see it in my built, maybe because I’m naturally petite. And even if I don’t work-out nor exercise regularly. I walk a lot. I tend to our garden on my own. I clean our not so big house. And I keep a 7lbs. soft-weights on hand and lift it regularly. And… I dance a lot! Especially if no one is watching! Ahaha!

With all the food that my parents prepared during my childhood days, I can’t recall if they used to prepare potato salad. It’s either macaroni salad and/ or buko salad. Both of which I love as well. But potato salad, not even once. So having tried it (and loved it) from parties and restaurants. I tried to do it once and like with a magic wand, they loved it. I received a lot of fun feedbacks from my family, my friends my office mates. Some even asked for its’ recipe. These are inspirations that takes away the tiresomeness of preparing food. It makes the kitchen one of my favorite place in the house. The potato salad signatured by me became a “regular” in the house too.


Sharing this to all foodies out there. My version of the classic potato salad (just making it easier and better):


– 1 kg. russet (or better known as classic potato) potato (peeled/ cut in cubes/ bite-size)
– bacon (Purefoods/ 5000gms.)
– cheddar cheese (Magnolia or Kraft/250gms.)
– mayonnaise 470ml from Lady’s Choice
(Hellman is best in abroad)
– pineapple chunks (Del monte/ 227gms.)
– celery stalks (4 medium stalks/ 12 inches long)
– onions (1 medium size red onions)
– parsley (to top)
– Nestle All purpose cream (in pouch/ 250ml.)
– salt and pepper


1. Boil the potato for less than 15 minutes or if you pierce it with a fork and the texture is already fluffy and each piece is soft to the bite, treat this a big deal as some results into a mashed potato if over-cooked (you don’t want it too mushy) and if not, the bites are too firm if under-cooked, you don’t want it crunchy. Make sure that the water is already boiling if you drop the potatoes.

Hint of over-cooked potatoes:
Granules are starting to be visible in the water

2. Fry the bacon (bits) – it is easier to slice them first while raw instead of slicing them when already fried
I put away half of it while frying to be tossed along the other ingredients. The other half that’s crunchier is for my bacon toppings

3. Cut cheese in cubes, prepare the chopped celery stalks, parsley and onions.

4. Drain the juice from the pineapple chunks.

5. When the potato is done. Put in a bowl, let it cool. Then pour the mayonnaise. Toss. Add the all-purpose cream. Toss. Make sure both are evenly distributed. Add the bacon, pineapple chunks. Toss. Add the onions, celery and cheese. Toss. Add iodized salt and ground pepper to taste. Toss.

6. Find a pretty bowl to serve it. Top with the crunchy bacon bits. The parsley is just for decorating purposes. Just so to enhance your presentation.

You can also use lettuce (iceberg variety) as base for your potato salad. Another tip to present it delightfully. It’s your call!

Happy eating!

Enjoy! =)