EOS – Evolution of Smooth…

EOs – Evolution of Smooth…

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

The 3 pieces of cute EOS (waiting to be cracked!) were neatly placed in a pink glitzy bag prepared by my college BFF as a post – Christmas gift. I haven’t seen them yet and she was telling me that I am going to love them. My excitement was all over my face.

We have been for years continents apart and each reunion have been very special. She would always make it a point to have goodies for me and our other buddy during college. The Filipinos innate trait of thoughtfulness.

She was right, I surely did. She gave me 3 in different flavors, one is in my wardrobe, one is in my pouch so I always have it at work (and when I’m not at home) and the last one is still unopened.

Waiting to be cracked! =)

Waiting to be cracked! =)

Honestly, I have maintained my Kiehl’s lip balm for years. Originally, I was using Neutrogena balms for my lips while I was a student and I got used to it. Until, I got introduced to Kiehl’s when they opened their pilot branch in our country some years ago.

Now, I’m caught in between. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to my college buddy who shared with me some of her discoveries in the US. I am so blessed to have plenty of friends who are generous enough in sharing. Truly a an enduring friendship. God bless them. ❤

I so love their ads! <3

I so love their ads! ❤

From BFF! Yey!

From BFF! Yey!

Mini mini minimo!

Mini mini minimo!

Evolution of smooth! <3

Evolution of smooth! ❤


I hope there’ll be an EOS shop here in the Philippines.  (–,)

EOS on IG!

EOS on IG! < courtesy of: photos/pb.33786259968. -2207520000.1392661706. /10150317408784969/?type=3&theater>

Pink and purple... My favorite flavors.

Pink and purple… My favorite flavors.

I hope they will come up with something for the face…=)