Evian Facial Spray…

EVIAN Facial Spray

“Happy girls are the prettiest!”~Audrey Hepburn~

I definitely enjoyed reading my fellow genders’ concern for their skin. Women were known to be very conscious or exerts a conscious effort in retaining or enhancing their exterior looks and primarily whats’ inside as well.

Because of this, It prompted me to come up with my own corner (sort of unsolicited advise to women out there) and I tagged it: “I just can’t do without you” corner. This will be a collection of the products I’ve discovered and loved through the years.

First item that I wanted to share is the “Evian facial spray”. If this might reach my college friend. She was the one who led me into this habit of having this small tin can which you will always find in my bag. Why? In our country, humid months are longer than the cold months. Evian has helped me alleviate that scorching feeling during those months. Every time I go out and at every chance, I spray it on and it instantly gives me a fresh feeling. It helps my skin breathe. I never wipe it, I just allow it to dry naturally. It is not only beneficial during hot months, ironically, said product benefits both season (hot and cold). As during the cold months, it helps me control my skin from drying.

It aided me most during the years I used to work at a theme park which post includes roving around the park (outdoor) at least 4 times a day. The company was generous and considerate enough to provide us with umbrellas though Evian facial spray is still a must for me especially when I’m dealing with guests. =) I had to always look my best and feeling fresh will definitely help me achieve it.

During college, it comes in tall tin cans. After a while, they came up with a smaller version it is so handy.

Our trip to Sagada meant a dreaded change of weather, from the usual 25 degrees to 9 degrees. Evian facial spray to the rescue! (–,)
My most favorite Evian ad. As it literally hydrates the skin, it feels like you’re in it! (–,)

Thanks Evian, you’ve been a great help all these years! (–,) <3<3<3