Les Mis’ I Won’t Miss!

Les Mis’ I Won’t Miss

“To love another person is to see the face of God.”
~Victor Hugo~ from Les Misérables 

A few years ago, after my long – time friend and I watched Phantom of the Opera. We were hoping for “Les Miserables” to be brought to Manila.

Then, as of the last quarter of 2015, there were announcements that the longest running musical will be here next year. It is the first time that said musical will be brought to the Philippines. Immediately after the news were all over, Beth and I are already discussing about it. Her elder sister, Ate Jane will go with us and my foodie travel buddy Jen will go with us too.

After a few weeks that the the tickets are already available for selling. We already had ours. We were just counting the days for the schedule that we have taken.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.lesmis.com/manila/

It didn’t surprise us that the show have been extended.

At last, this is the day.

❤ ❤ ❤

I never wanted to miss this since It brought me memories of my late father.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.dispatch.com

Of Victor Hugo, the depth of his mind, the way he expressed life, the songs they created out of his story, the passion I see in every performer, which niche I once dreamt to belong, and not to forget mentioning that included in the cast are proudly Filipinos.

casts list
Cast Members…
Photo courtesy of: http://www.cameronmackintosh.com/

Here are some of the songs I’ve always loved, and been singing since.

– In My Life

– I Dream a Dream

– On My Own

– A Heart Full of Love

– One Day More

I could not forget to mention how I cringe with their rendition of One Day More. Only a genius can incorporate entirely different songs and make them blend perfectly rendered by powerful voices and a magnificent orchestra that you could ever heard of.

Claude-Michel Schönberg is one of greatest composers the world has ever known.

I agree that this musical is wistful. But then, they were able to inject some scenes that made us laugh too.

Photo courtesy of: http://www.lesmis.com/manila/

“Watch ’em run amuck,
Catch ’em as they fall,
Never know your luck
When there’s a free for all,
Here’s a little “dip”
There a little “touch”
Most of them are goners
So they won’t miss much!”

I put on some make-up preparing myself for this night, it would help me repress my tears from falling in anticipation, however, I ended up with mascara smudges in the lids of my eyes. My tears ardently fell during the heavy scenes as if they have a mind of their own and were yelling freedom.

We were laughing about it after watching. The crowd was of all ages. There are kids, Grannies, and teenagers too.

They already knew I cried. ahaha!
My friends since the 90s! All three, Beth, Jane and Leo are all singers! And they are all good!!
Jen, Beaut, Beth and Jane. =)

I just noticed the knee room of Solaire Theatre is kinda cramped, there is not much ample space for us when we were passing by those who were sitted already since our seats are located in the middle. Good thing they are nice enough, I hear “It’s Okay” for several times when saying “Excuse me and I’m sorry” sounded like our spiel until we reached our seats.

I even saw some men were sitted uncomfortably since their knees are already touching the back of the seats in front of us.

Still, Solaire is a great place.

The walkways are really huge and carpeted too.
Flowers for Eponine..
On the left is where we got our souvenirs..
So excited to frame the cover of our playbill! =)

I am also prepared in terms of what I was wearing, the acu last time was fierce. I wore a black dress that I won’t call an LBD because it is big even if its’ just knee-length, the fabric that Anna Sui used was woven polyester enough to warm me plus the inside shirt I wore.

I loved this shot by Jen!

We practically enjoyed this show, just like everyone else there. It was worth it.

i dream
The words of France’s most favorite son.
freedom wall
Freedom wall!=)

I can’t wait to frame my playbill!

Looking forward to see more shows…
at night
Outside the theatre of Solaire.. Photo courtesy of: http://victorbasa.net/2016/03/30/les-miserables/

And looking forward to see “Wicked” next year. It is gonna be their second visit to this country. =)