10 “something” reasons why you should not be afraid to fall in love with a blogger?

I wish a veteran blogger would write something like this. As you see, I’m a newbie in the blogging world though I’d still be willing to spill my take on this.

Be not afraid..

Being a writer or a blogger is a career very akin to being a celebrity or an artist or a famous chef who owns that snug restaurant in this jam packed avenue every Friday nights, or an artist, a sculptor, a painter perhaps, or a musician, a dancer or a singer.

blogger 8

Those people who were soulfully inclined in the arts. They are the most expressive people on earth, they express their emotions (good and bad) through their music, it is basically their craft, their special recipes and for writers, in their stories. They are the most creative creatures in the world, they can make an interesting twist to a staple food, give life to a dance, bring magic onstage.

blogger 3

They create poems directly from their minds, more so from their hearts. Explicitly putting into words feelings that were felt, long ago or just recently.

blogger 2

I’ve read an article that writers fetch their plots during deepest sadness or bliss. Poems were born out of extreme dolefulness or jubilation. I experience that and can attest to that.


You must not be surprised that they’re also the moodiest people who have lived in this world, they are so transparent, they do not have time to hide it and it reflects in what they do passionately.


The complexity of their character is so unique though you will discover that they also hold fervor in all those things that are free.. Witnessing a sunset, capturing a rainbow, seeing a butterfly, looking up to an odd looking tree in the middle of a forest that looked like the hero in a movie where spotlights were focused on without you realizing that it is the sun instilling its rays through the leaves softly dancing with the beat orchestrated by the fleeting wind.

Waiting for the sun to set in Ilocos San dunes…

Mindfully, you need not be afraid to fall in love with them. The world was a better place because of them.

blogger 9
Anawangin cove..

Interpreting its’ beauty in their varying unique ways. Here are some basic (funny) reasons why:

1.Since blogging requires actual encounters, you might be lucky enough to be tagged along during one of their trips.

blogger 10

2. They love life and so life loved them back. You will eventually be closer to nature, because they usually are. Some I’ve known get their energies by walking barefoot and feeling the cold moist of morning dew in that vast field of grass. You might also find them getting their energies from the trees (I do).

Being one with nature..

3. You will be mesmerized by how one was able to discover that super sumptuous pasta in that secluded corner of Los Banos.

4. Their interest in varying cuisines is limitless, you will be able to try a new menu from time to time and if you’re luckier, said menu might be cooked and prepared by themselves adding a special personalized touch, and you’ll see yourself burping and smiling after finishing that sumptuous meal which one (like me) would named “papa’s morcon”.

5. You will not get bored if you run out of stories because that is something they will not run out of.

blogger 5

6.If you’re the type who loves watching stage plays or Broadway hits, they would be honored to accompany you. Or if you like to rock, they will also be there because one loves Aerosmith and apparently, they’re rockers too! Hard core that is!

7. Their independence will surprise you. They can travel alone and go to the remotest places and discover beautiful and extra-ordinary stuff that are too ordinary to a normal person and then they will even have a bagful goodies only meant for you.

Tallest carrot juice I’ve had from Gensan..

8. If your lazy to read? Don’t fret. They have read all those famous stories already and might have enumerated to you the highlights and lessons that were imparted to them.

Loved reading…

9. Since they took photos of their travels to document them, their visit to some museums, their beach scenes, their gastronomic adventures, surely they have chosen the appropriate wardrobes so as to look their best during travel, isn’t it cool to have a pretty, cool, flamboyant, grinning girl inside your arms in a postcard like photo that you can frame and display in your headboard?

Combing Region 1 and 2..

10. As a blogger, of course they are well versed of the different cultures all over the world, they are very flexible because travel bloggers knows how to get along with strangers to truly enjoy their time in a place where they are still a stranger, and they might be perfectly fit with your own culture, because before you know it, she already studied what have you been practicing as a child.

Mind museum..

11. Since they are exposed to the arts, not only in their own country, but arts from different countries, who knows, they can do belly dancing in front of you one of these days? Isn’t it sexy?

12. How about the movie world? They might have watched this film which happens to be your favorite and as a blogger, watching the film themselves, their eyes captured something that you didn’t and discovered a tiny beckoning place just after Taft Avenue and you just found yourself exploring it already with them. Isn’t it so adventurous?

Road less traveled..

Well, if you are a home buddy and would rather curl up in your bed the whole day on a Sunday, no worries, they could do that as well, and if you feel like sleeping the whole day, feeling lazy, they could also get away with that as long as they brought with them that half-finished book they just started reading a week ago.. or a small notebook and pen to promptly jot down ideas popping up in their minds.

blogger 4
R and R..

I am pretty sure, my fellow bloggers would be able to think of more reasons than I do. However, I still wonder why most of them (or us) are still single? =)