And so I pray…

Dear God,

I hope and pray someday, you will finally bring me home, when I can already shout to the world, I’m home! I’m home! I’m home at last!

Please make it simple and small. You know, how ardently I took care of my lair. I just do not want to get too tired so I can still take care of the love of my life when he comes home from work. Let me be energetic to untie his shoelace when he arrives, laid out carefully his clothes in our bed, with his slippers neatly placed below on the floor of that loft I’ve always dreamt of.

Let me be full of passion in preparing his favorite food and may we be smiling the whole time in the dining table and not to forget the colorful plates that I’ve always loved by Majorelle Blue.

Let the whole place be surrounded with our beautiful pictures together, all the happy memories of the years gone by, so as to remind us of the love we shared and keep the desire to keep it alive and burning.

Let us keep a wall for our old letters too.

Let him do the interiors, all the vintage stuff that he wants, and allow me a tiny place of my own in one corner, and that I will call it “My sacred place.” He promised it to me anyway.

Let my quilts and my colorful lanterns be visible, and let there be dream catchers on our windows which can be softly kissed by the visiting southern wind.

Oh let there be beautiful vases to hold fresh flowers all the time that will give us scents we always loved, with a sweet cat careful enough not to break it.

Let a huge dog run freely in our lawn, and let all the greens welcome us each morning.

Allow us some trees, so that the sun can peep and create a beautiful sight each time.

May we not forget a corner for your grandeur, where we can bow our heads to express gratefulness of granting us a life with each other.

Please give us a vestibule so pretty anyone who will enter would feel happy and welcome.

These and more, I pray in blind faith.

Lastly, you know that always, my real home, can only be inside his loving arms. And that there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

So I bow my head now, and say thank you for all these dreams.