No Longer A Maybe…

No Longer A Maybe


Like a knight in shining armor,

You rescued me from a faux prince,

Seduced me with your clarity,

Glared me with your transparency.

Amazed me with your sincerity.


How love is defined by you and me,

Is something lifetime we both agree,

You laid your best plans feeling free,

Dedicating a little garden for me,

In a vast land for all the world to see.


Through the years I never thought,

That old love can still be new,

I am your prettiest ace,

And you are my sweetest king,

You are my end and I’m your beginning.


Together we started wishing and dreaming,

Thinking and hoping there is always a way,

Meet our ends without blinking,

No buts and ifs, we are here to stay.


At the end of the day,

We can finally say,

We’re home at last,

Home sweet home,

Please God, permit us to stay this way…


A home isn’t a place but a person,

And you are my home, I am yours,

I now know why none worked out before,

Inside your arms is where I belong.


No longer a maybe,

But always for keeps,

These twosome souls,

Till we grow old,

We shall behold.


The Old Me..

The Old Me..

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