The Guy In Blue


Once there was a guy, he is in blue
So blue it reflects in his eyes
Through words that aren’t spoken
Such sadness I felt was true

Is it transcendental
Or ephemeral?
And poignant to know him
To search for the crowd for him

How like a bird search for its mate?
Has gone high and create
A deep longing in its soul
To discover in the end its toll

Like the dexterity of poets
They coat them with honey
Ponderously they recuperate
They hide the pain with money

What will he become?
If he stop and pause at the sight of something gray?
Instead of not stopping and pausing
And push through despite of a puzzle-like trail

The girl in pink is welcoming
There’s a spark of love in her eyes
But the guy in blue stood still
He didn’t stop her and just let her pass by in swings

When chased by another
He was bluer all over
When will he learn and extol
How much love her ageless soul can soar

Second chances we live by our bones
When are we breathing?
If we can no longer hold
A woman’s funny bone

When are we taking chances?
When the world is already cold?
When are we to realize?
Of something so sublime?
That there is nothing ever sweeter,
Than the love of a faithful heart can hold…

guy in blue
I’m okay to wait…