CARPE DIEM – We just seized the day!

Carpe Diem – We just seized the day!

When hunger strikes. The brain works a little less better. We were near BF Paranaque, famished and opted to have a quick lunch over this place which I’m eyeing (Alezon cafe) in Aguirre street and we told the driver to bring us to “Commune cafe”. I got mixed-up and later recalled that it’s not Commune cafe but Cafe Alezon. Since we can’t of course find “Commune” at Aguirre, we ended up at “Carpe diem.” Jen, foodie buddy hungry to death almost killed me. Ehehe! She and the driver. Oooops! sowee!


So it was a blessing in disguise. Carpe diem is so cozy, quiet and gives the feeling of being at home. Each guest has a world of their own and the attendants are “super” courteous or probably because boss is present. No, I guess they are naturally like that, because their boss is as nice too.

Christmas feel..
christmas pillows
Loved the pillows!
cd 2
Courtesy of Carpe diem’s Facebook page.. This is the interior of the shop.. We had one of those soft couches all on our own. =)

So right away we head to their menu board, and I ordered for Carbonara and Jen had Marinara. I hope Miss Spaghetti is happy! =) And we ordered for our coffee as well.

Wow Torani!
They gave me my simple syrup just in case..

And voila. Happy tummies!

menu board
Carbonara for me..
Marinara for Jen..
seafood marinara
jen unhappy
Isn’t she happy!?
jen close up
Close up! She is happy! =)

Both of our choices tasted really good. Jen’s red pasta was a little bit spicy and mine has a creamy taste that isn’t so tiring. I especially loved the garlic bread and ordered for another. The second one they served has more garlic on it so Jen had to help me consumed it. =)

Over-all rating. It’s worth a second or third visit. =)

menu on table
Always ready for additional orders.. this is under the glass top tables…=)

I secretly planned to have dessert from Larcy’s cupcakes, which happens to be just a few blocks away from it. But time is of essence. We can’t afford to stay longer due to several activities waiting for us dinner time.

tin cans
They have Al fresco…
And free wifi..=)

So till then, Carpe diem and Larcy’s. This is by the way “Food spotting at Aguirre”.

cd 1
Photo courtesy of their Facebook page..

Visit Aguirre and you can spot anything your heart desires. I’ve tried the following already:

1. Toho Antigua – Authentic Chinese restaurant
2. I love yo – Frozen yogurt (although it seems they’re no longer there)
3. Pilot branch of Conti’s

And next on our list is Larcy’s, Cafe Alezon and Mama Lou’s.

Bon appetit! =)