Epic stride at Epic Coffee Roastery… =)

Epic Coffee Roastery

Scouting for the best venue for an important event before this year ends brought my feet to the diversified food strips of Kapitolyo. Besides, in a few days, we are having our party at one of it’s most famous restaurants, lauded by Philippine Tatler as Best restaurant for several years, Best of Manila, Soo Pinoy among many others. Cafe Juanita.

Just a few blocks away from it, for me it is walking distance, a rustic coffee shop caught my attention.

It’s so epic!

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An epic story to learn from my sissy that Epic Coffee Roastery is the little brother of Poco Deli. Another known restaurant in Kapitolyo that offers artisanal sausages. I was told that they came up with the coffee shop since Poco can no longer accommodate that much guests.

epic 2
I enjoyed reading the chalk-written menu boards…

Myself, at that time, is wondering again why can’t I find something like Starbucks or CBTL or Figaro or any shop that will mollify my thirst for an iced latte.

I was greeted by the attendants and I greeted them back and continued walking, when I realized and figured out that I passed by seeing coffee beans…=) So I turned back and asked the “smile still glued on their faces” attendants if they have coffee. And they confirmed that Epic is a coffee shop. A good one if I may say so.

epic 7
Best food to partner coffee right? Bite and sip. Sip and bite! =)

I was distracted by the bicycles that are strewed in every corner. An actual one hanging from the ceiling. Posters. Vintage typography. Later I found out, the owners were riders.

epic 9
Why is it hanging there? And someone answered – It’s the owner’s hobby.. Oh, I see…
epic 10
Epic bikes…
epic 8
There are to gos too!

I just had my cafe latte.

epic 5
My all time favorite… Cafe latte (with syrup please!)
epic 4

And I literally told them I am returning to try their home-made ice cream.

epic 6
Home-made ice cream!

It’s been a while since I’ve consumed it like a child, as I have been addicted to frozen yogurts for the past years. To try ice cream (except for the occasional leaks on magnums and cones of DICs), I think this home-made ones are worth a try.

Honestly, I was tempted by the ice cream at that time, I was just in a hurry. I won’t fret. For I shall return with my foodie buddy. =)

I found this while I was looking for Poco Deli, I think it’s going to be helpful to everyone. So I’m posting it. Thanks to:


A friendly guide to Kapitolyo…