Gloria Jean’s Coffee… Making it Glorious!

Coffee with friends is happiness and time well spent! (–,)


A few weeks ago, I discovered that a mall nearby my place announced the opening of Gloria Jeans. There was a big tarp on their facade advertising the only coffee shop that I used to only see in our airports. And the only shop that first catered coffee lovers in the VISMIN areas. I can still recall when I used to ask why is it, that there is no Starbucks in Visayas or Mindanao. While there is in the north like Baguio. Recently, I learned from old friends, that Starbucks has gone South already. Good for them.

Seeing Gloria Jeans already operational excites me. I will no longer need to go out of my way (that is going to the express way <slex> and choose one from the gas stations that has a Starbucks or Figaro in it). Or the nearest like Alabang town center in Festival mall. if I crave (or if I have extra budget) to spend for an expensive coffee and match it with either an equally expensive cookie or a slice of blueberry cheesecake with my friends and family.

gj 4
Their attractive facade…

Come one Sunday, with my foodie buddy after we purchased some stuff, we decided to drop by at Gloria Jeans to check out the place in Muntinlupa, Alabang. Due to the Season, a 10 minute travel from my place to get there took us 30 minutes due to influx of public vehicles and private ones probably because it is a Sunday.

As usual, I had blueberry cheesecake. =) and Cafe latte (iced) and my foodie buddy had their signature drink.

Happy Sunday…

The ambiance of their interiors was cozy enough for guests to relax and most types of seating were well provided. There are counter tables and stools, velvet lounges for groupies, coffee tables for 2 seaters,

gj 5
2 seaters!

and those that are trending nowadays of combining cushioned couches while in front of single chairs. As expected some chalk written menus is a scene stealer.

gj 6
Chalk-written menu boards and clipping from happy guests! =)
gj 3
Cozy.. Artful…

Their price range is at par with other known coffee shops in the Philippines though the cake was a few peso higher and smaller in size.

I just noticed that even if the coffee is without whipped cream, they used covers that are meant for those with whipped cream and the attendant claimed that there is no available flat lids and I asked if its out of stock. She said that they really do not have lids that are flat. Aaaw. I just told her that dust can dive into my cup should I need to take it out and she just smiled.

They also have teas of which brand I forgot to get though they are packed nicely and comes in attractive boxes in pretty colors.


I also found their table napkins prettier than the other coffee shops I have frequented. They reminded me of doilies, as the edges are with dainty designs that are embossed.

I’m glad to say that Gloria Jeans will be an option for our Sunday habits. And gratifying coffee breaks every once in a while. =)

Love the muffin too! ❤