The Snuggery Cafe 

“I was not the one who gifted you life, but life gave me the gift of you.”

Define snuggery? A cozy or comfy place, especially someone’s private room, lair or den.

I’ve got so many reasons to go out. First and foremost, I wanted to escape again from the humdrum of house chores here and there. On a weekend. When most people’s weekends were spent resting and bonding with families and friends. Mine are made of chores.

Good thing is I have this sweet daughter from another mom who will go with me wherever I wanna go when no one else can. Unlike my real son who will only go with for two things: Eating or shopping.

I brought Cha to this very small cafe just 15 minutes away from home. And look how we spent the next hour:

Our coffee!
Cha’s tomato pasta..
And my carbonara..

Our coffee arrived just in time, both of us being coffee junkies. Minus the guilt of tolerating her doing the gulp at a very young age.

And together with the pastas which are still hot and looked yummier than when we were still smelling the scent while its’ being cooked. Their kitchen by the way is just a head turn away from our table.

This combination went perfectly together, just like the two us, playing daughter and mom.

We ordered for nachos salad, however, they run out stock and I just promised Cha that we will try it soon.

As a result, we were able to bond in silence, doing our stuff and snug.

Her games.

Most of which are students.
Reminded me of good old days..
I forgot what Cha calls this.

And my magazines.

I met Dobie several times. He’s a cool persona. Very fashionable.
Articles on Design inspiring me for my next projects.
I told them bluntly the chalk art is still bland..

I remember Cha texting me, calling me on my mobile, sending me messages on facebook as to when we’re going to meet again. She’s such a sweet girl. And naughty at times.

Pretty angle.. texting who?
Sweet and pretty and chubby! lol!

Till then my darling.

Please make the nachos always available. =)

We’re going to “Picked”. Another new-born cafe within the vicinity.