Chillin’ at CHILI’S…

Chillin’ at Chili’s…

So Jen’s search for the best Mexican restaurant continues.

She have been almost annoying telling me several times that we dine at Chili’s. And we did one Friday afternoon on a rainy day. We opted to try the one in Greenbelt as it is the nearest.

Chili’s Greenbelt..

Broadly speaking, Jen’s excitement is almost like that of a child having her wish granted.

Immediately, being the mall rats that we are, we headed straight to the restaurant and resist the shops that used to be so appealing. She is so focused with what we are to order and upon being sitted.

I find those knobs cute..=)
And that huge chili too..
Chilis’ here and there…
Even on desserts?

It didn’t took us long to decide on what are we going to get. She had them drawn up in her mind the whole time we were walking briskly and heading to Chili’s.


I am not so familiar with its’ exact location and it surprised me that she had it close to hand prior to meeting me.

To cut it short, what we’ve had is:

Quesadillas! =)


My specific preference is something with rice, at past 5pm, I haven’t had my lunch to catch up in a meeting at 2pm. So literally, I’m so famished.

Jen’s cravings lead her into getting this humongous burger which they called Old timer burger.

It comes with potato fries..

Then, I had my grilled chicken only because of those brocollis.


The attendants are keen enough to provide us with our requests.

Extra gravy for my chicken..
And extra pickles for Jen’s burger..

So what’s the verdict? Both the offering and service are excellent. The Texmex theme is felt all over the place. And when I asked Jen: “How was it?” She said. Let’s try the others. I think I am agreeing with her. So far. Till next time. #elchupakabra #lataquiera

Happy tummies! =)

All the way to TACO BELL, Gateway!

Taco Bell

One of the things I like about dining out is the way it gives me a broad comparison on a specific dish.

Foodie buddy and I opted to have Mexican treat first before we proceed to this gallery in Antipolo.

Taco Bell in Gateway mall has been in operations since 2004. I’ve always loved it probably because of their company color.



Plus the fact that, I’ve been a Nachos aficionado since time immemorial. I would even prepare my own at home. It has become famous and each time there’s a reunion, they would request for it. I intend to learn making my home-made tortillas soon.

taco bell nachos
Nachos junkie!

What we’ve had is of course, Nachos belle grande for myself


(to share with my buddy) and Jen had her XL cheese beef quesadilla.

taco bell quesadillas.JPG
Comida delicioso!

We discovered a new offering for dessert, in which the famous Nutella is used as fillings and they named it Chocodilla.

Though we didn’t get it, as we’re availing our free cakes from a certain specialty coffee shop. As a member, they give out free slice of cake (of your choice, as long as it’s available) on the whole month of your birthday. We intend to get it soon and bring home as goodies (or pasalubong) since my son is a Nutella junkie. He’d love to discover it too.

Going back to my Tex-Mex adventure, what I really love about Taco bell is that their salsa haven’t changed since the first time I’ve tasted it. The cilantro is at it’s strongest, however, the freshness of their tomatoes created a delicious fusion. I had to buy an extra bowl of the salsa, I definitely loved tomatoes.

taco bell salsa
Tomato salsa.

So, dining at Taco bell made me go down memory lane. When we no longer frequent that place in Cubao, because there’s Makati and Alabang that is nearer to me.

taco bell digital queue
Patience is a virtue..

And it’s usually worth the wait. =)

But in the mid-2000, they made improvements and came up with a new image via the Gateway mall.

taco bell drinks.JPG
Can’t get enough of the salsa..


So we visit from time to time. And this one is like those times, let’s take the opportunity since we’re passing by it. We filled our tummies first, before getting a load of Art in to this famous museum in the largest city of Calabarzon.

taco bell interiors.JPG
taco bell gallery
I just find them cute.. #missphotography

Jen wants to have the crunchy taco, but I dragged her arm in excitement over our next stop and convinced her that there’s Taco bell in Alabang, we will just go there for her crunchy tacos soonest. Till then! =)

Come on to “ANDALE”! =)

Come on to Andale!

“Eating is one of the great beauties in life. One of my favorite recreations… Eating with friends, the service, the ambiance.” ~Leroy Neiman~

One of the good things I like best in my country is the wide choices it can offer when you wanted to give in to your cravings.

I have been postponing a trip to Enchanted kingdom (heaven knows I only wanted to eat Chimichanga there and meet my old friends) for several reasons.

Luckily, I found the nearest option at SM Aura. Foodie buddy and I found “Andale by Agave” literally on top of this faddish mall in BGC (Bonifacio Global City) which honestly I haven’t gotten around yet the whole of it since its’ conception a few years ago.

We found Andale from their touch-screen mall guides and the name itself denoted that I finally found what I’m looking for. Yey!

So off we headed to the Sky park. There are other choices of course, there’ s Lugang cafe, Coca and Mesa. Foodie buddy asked me if there’s a slim chance that I changed my mind and showed me the other places. As she herself didn’t have any cravings at that time, all she knows is she’s hungry. And we just had soft pretzels (coated in cinnamon sugar) a few minutes ago! =)

We’re here!!!!

Be that as it may, the chimichanga won’t stop rocking and rolling in my mind. Oh, cravings!

their spread
Time to choose!

The place is quite puny, probably just over a dozen can be accommodated on peak hours. We had ours on the corner, with bench on the side of the wall and single seaters fronting it.

andale interiors
Not that big..
andale lights
Attractive ceiling fixtures..

And yes, I ordered for my chimichangas. I had it called in advance as Jen is still determining whether she will get burritos or quesadillas or both. Lol!

andale menu
I have this like crush on Mexican food, really…
menu andale
But it’ll always be chimichanga!
pepper sauce extra hot
It says: extra hot!

And both of us are contemplating on getting nachos, when the attendant brought us a tray of it as complimentary. Wow!

Those are 3 kinds of sauces: A milder one, one that is the usual and staple, and one that’s super hot!

Besides as my order arrived, it is quite big and I might not be able to consume all of it if I’ll get another like the Nacho grande that is I guess good for more than 3 pax.

My chimis with a very nice sour cream..

For the drink, we both enjoyed each of our preferred variants, Jen had yellow mango shake and I had the avocado shake. As expected: “Hi, simple syrup for my shake please.” And wish granted right away.

yaya jen
Jen chose mango and I had avocado…

I asked Jen how is her quesadillas, she enjoyed it that much becausethe cheese inside are mozarellas. There are 3 degrees of spiciness forthe salsa which they will ask you to choose and it fits my palate andhers. I got the mild one and she got the second one, the one with “budra” spice (which originated from India), that pungent spice used for curries. The third one? It is super hot! And I didn’t dare to try it.

Buen provecho!

I like the sour cream. I like the mozarellas inside my chimis too. I like the baked beans (there’s a lot!), and I like the mild salsa. I wasn’t forced to eat something I don’t really like but I have to because that is just the way it is. Here, they provided me options.

I’m really happy with my chimichangas. I can now delay another visit to the park.

Plus, they’ve got a wide array of spirits too!

Only from Mexico..

Andale by Agave is located at: Sky Park, Fifth Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. They also deliver, you can contact them at: 828-0355.

Those colorful chips reminded me of the violet nachos from Enchanted kingdom. =)

MAYO – A Mexican resto in Binan, Laguna

Mayo – A Mexican resto in Binan, Laguna

I recently literally went out of town just to go to this specialty shop where I can get my supply of accessories needed for my costume in  complying with our party’s theme.

It was a surprise to find out that we captured a so rush hour and most people opted to walk than spent hours stuck in traffic. We had to walk not a few meters but a few kilometers or so just to make it before 6:00pm. It is the usual hour that this store rolls down their windows.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it and I was really frustrated of not getting exactly what I needed and ended up with another store which supplies aren’t that complete.

Feeling the frustration right in my nerves, as we were walking, something lighted up my face. It is a quaint eatery that serves Mexican food! Yey! It had been days (or weeks) that I craved for Mexican food specifically during weekends when most Mexican restaurants are located outside my vicinity.

mayo 3
Without rice…
mayo 1
We want more! ahaha!
mayo 2
Coffee with Nachos?

To cut my story short, foodie buddy – Jen and I immediately entered this place and ordered for a burrito, nachos salad and quesadillas.

mayo 7
Not the usual corn chips… I think it’s molo wrappers..
Quesadillas – 3 cheeses!
mayo 8
They provide 2 different sauces – one that is not spicy and one that is spicy. While according to Jen, It isn’t spicy at all. Bicolana?

It somehow expelled some negative energies I accumulated for walking such distance only to find out that the store is already closed. And the frustration of not coming up with what I exactly crafted in my imagination.

My resilience took off on what I acquired and will make do with them, however I forgot about it all the while we were munching on our nachos and quesadillas. The burrito we had to bring home as we felt being full right away as we partnered them with a glassful of iced coffee.

It was weird though to pair Mexican food with coffee, but to no avail, it was all that they have.

mayo 9
Frap for the two of us..

The owner might have come up with several ideas which are staple for most, but the burrito seems weird to me as the attendant explained that theirs is without rice. So I even tried to convince him that it is not supposed to be called burrito because burritos has rice in it. If it is without rice as fillings, then it should be chimichanga. But he informed me that in some places, Burritos can come with other fillings without rice on it. Okay, accepted. We’re done arguing, I’m hungry. Lol!

mayo 5
Attendant dont’ want to look!

Upon seeing their version, they definitely researched for their offerings and did several tweaks like using molo wrappers for the nacho salad instead of the usual corn tortillas.

The quesadillas is swimming with sour cream too which normally, said cream is served separately.

The burrito was not wrapped by the usual pita bread, they used something similar with lumpia wrapper used for spring rolls and it is smaller compared to the usual serving of burritos.

Overall, we intended to go all the way from San Pedro to Binan from time to time if cravings for Mexican food arises, or if I’m lazy to make one, I have my own recipe which has been requested by my friends during occasion, and going to Binan once in a while won’t hurt just to get not the burritos but the quesadillas and nachos salad because honestly, we liked it. We also intend to try the tacos!

mayo 4
See you soon!

There had been a very few restaurants in San Pedro serving Mexican food. I actually knew just one – Snuggery cafe – that cute cafe 15 minutes away from home although I went there several times discovering that their nachos were out of stock. Probably because they are situated in front of a school and nachos is a favorite among teens alike.

So this blog came out as a surprise and unplanned. I think that place will be famous as long as they will continuously do improvements. They’re just a week old when we discovered them. Provecho! =)

mayo 6
They even provided a tv for their customers.

Mayo is located in Canlalay, Binan, Laguna. They are on Facebook too. =)

HERMANOS – Molito in Alabang

Hermanos – Molito, Alabang 

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ~George Bernard Shaw~

My love for Mexican food started during college because my best friend at that time favored this cuisine like an ice cream. And during then “Tia Maria” is a famous hang-out for college students.

I had a more expansive appreciation of it when I joined the Food & Beverage Department of Enchanted kingdom some years ago.

It soaked up my knowledge on Mexican food. I do not just know about nachos and tacos and salsa.

I learned about Burritos, the strong yet unique scent and taste of cilantro, that too much of it can make or break your recipe, the sole purpose of avocados in most of their dishes (or because Mexico is the largest producer of said fruit) is to balanced-out the spiciness of their food, the home-made tortillas for “whatever you want it” Quesadillas and my favorite – Chimichanga.

That was years ago, since then, any friend who invites me to a Mexican restaurant, its’ a green light without batting an eyelash. Ahahaha!

Having the chance to go out because it’s a holiday, we both decided to go to Alabang. It’s the nearest from my house if I wanted to unwind. Everything that I basically need is in Alabang.

Jen (my foodie buddy) and I both felt that Alabang Town Center is kinda stuffed-up in that specific day, probably for three main reasons:

– As I’ve mentioned it is a holiday
– It is a weekend
– And a very popular and a trending film is showing – Heneral Luna. I had to create another blog for this specific film

So we opted to search for a nice place to eat at Molito. It’s just a block away from ATC although we had to passed by two huge parking lots and so we are starving upon reaching the queue of restaurants in Molito.

Our tired feet directed us right in front of Hermanos. A Mexican restaurant which from the outside is a typical place that serves Mexican food. The “wow” has to come later when you already consumed their food.

Their facade..

There are also art pieces illustrating anything that’s Mexican,

Sombrero and maracas..
The mirrored wall made their small area felt and looked bigger.
Authentic vases from Mexico..

And a framed article claiming Hermanos is one of the voted 115 Best restaurants in the Philippines is framed humbly in a corner (which prompted me to check the list).

mlas best
They are one of Manila’s best..=)
hermanos 2
Feather on their hat!
And another..=)

Of course I had my perennial favorite – Chimichangga.

Advanced call my chimichanga..
Yum yum!

The attendant agreed with me when I wondered why theirs has rice on it. I knew it’s supposed to be purely meat and beans because that is the difference of a Chimichanga from a Burrito, the latter’s major ingredient is rice.

inside of chimis
I do not like it with rice, but this one I did..

This I have to personally find out if I am blessed enough to visit this country. Without checking geography, as far as I know we’re from end to end.

Mexico map..=)
Look up! =)
jesus 1
Jesus loves us all the time it says!

Jen had Beef Quesadillas.

Beef variant and oozing with melted cheese..

And we shared on the nachos salad.

nachos salad
Not too spicy and just great!

One thing I noticed is that they didn’t use ground beef but beef bits and I think it tasted better, you get to taste more the flavor of beef. The melted cheese is just right, the olives and jalapenos.

While the salsa is one of the best I’ve tried. We had to order an extra cup of salsa (charged). As it is that good! =) Fresh, really fresh tomatoes, just the right amount of cilantro, just the right amount of spiciness that I can endure, if you can remember from my other blogs, I am not into food that are too spicy.

We also requested for a bottle of Stella Artois beer not for me but for Jen however they run out of stock of this famous beer. I also wondered why they do not serve Mojito although the staff assured me that he will mention it to his boss. We ended up with lots of water in these cute brightly colored glasses:

4 glasses
1 glass
They knew I like this color?
2 glasses
So festive..=)

Jen would want to try the churros though I was able to convince her that earlier I eyed a coffee shop on the other side of the block that serve cakes too. =)

She was also reminded that she prefers the churros from Bay leaf hotel and Dulcinea.

I think as petite as I am, I am bloated after consuming what we ordered a few minutes ago. I must assume, there is a unique enticing taste to every Mexican recipe that I’ve tried, or probably it is that special heritage over good food.

The next time I will visit Molito, would be dinner time and beyond, so I can witness what’s it like while everyone were having fun and chugging their beers Al fresco.

I’ll check out their events soon..

Molito for me is a path paved with good food shops and cool nights of beers.

Relaxing sight during the night..