HERMANOS – Molito in Alabang

Hermanos – Molito, Alabang 

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ~George Bernard Shaw~

My love for Mexican food started during college because my best friend at that time favored this cuisine like an ice cream. And during then “Tia Maria” is a famous hang-out for college students.

I had a more expansive appreciation of it when I joined the Food & Beverage Department of Enchanted kingdom some years ago.

It soaked up my knowledge on Mexican food. I do not just know about nachos and tacos and salsa.

I learned about Burritos, the strong yet unique scent and taste of cilantro, that too much of it can make or break your recipe, the sole purpose of avocados in most of their dishes (or because Mexico is the largest producer of said fruit) is to balanced-out the spiciness of their food, the home-made tortillas for “whatever you want it” Quesadillas and my favorite – Chimichanga.

That was years ago, since then, any friend who invites me to a Mexican restaurant, its’ a green light without batting an eyelash. Ahahaha!

Having the chance to go out because it’s a holiday, we both decided to go to Alabang. It’s the nearest from my house if I wanted to unwind. Everything that I basically need is in Alabang.

Jen (my foodie buddy) and I both felt that Alabang Town Center is kinda stuffed-up in that specific day, probably for three main reasons:

– As I’ve mentioned it is a holiday
– It is a weekend
– And a very popular and a trending film is showing – Heneral Luna. I had to create another blog for this specific film

So we opted to search for a nice place to eat at Molito. It’s just a block away from ATC although we had to passed by two huge parking lots and so we are starving upon reaching the queue of restaurants in Molito.

Our tired feet directed us right in front of Hermanos. A Mexican restaurant which from the outside is a typical place that serves Mexican food. The “wow” has to come later when you already consumed their food.

Their facade..

There are also art pieces illustrating anything that’s Mexican,

Sombrero and maracas..
The mirrored wall made their small area felt and looked bigger.
Authentic vases from Mexico..

And a framed article claiming Hermanos is one of the voted 115 Best restaurants in the Philippines is framed humbly in a corner (which prompted me to check the list).

mlas best
They are one of Manila’s best..=)
hermanos 2
Feather on their hat!
And another..=)

Of course I had my perennial favorite – Chimichangga.

Advanced call my chimichanga..
Yum yum!

The attendant agreed with me when I wondered why theirs has rice on it. I knew it’s supposed to be purely meat and beans because that is the difference of a Chimichanga from a Burrito, the latter’s major ingredient is rice.

inside of chimis
I do not like it with rice, but this one I did..

This I have to personally find out if I am blessed enough to visit this country. Without checking geography, as far as I know we’re from end to end.

Mexico map..=)
Look up! =)
jesus 1
Jesus loves us all the time it says!

Jen had Beef Quesadillas.

Beef variant and oozing with melted cheese..

And we shared on the nachos salad.

nachos salad
Not too spicy and just great!

One thing I noticed is that they didn’t use ground beef but beef bits and I think it tasted better, you get to taste more the flavor of beef. The melted cheese is just right, the olives and jalapenos.

While the salsa is one of the best I’ve tried. We had to order an extra cup of salsa (charged). As it is that good! =) Fresh, really fresh tomatoes, just the right amount of cilantro, just the right amount of spiciness that I can endure, if you can remember from my other blogs, I am not into food that are too spicy.

We also requested for a bottle of Stella Artois beer not for me but for Jen however they run out of stock of this famous beer. I also wondered why they do not serve Mojito although the staff assured me that he will mention it to his boss. We ended up with lots of water in these cute brightly colored glasses:

4 glasses
1 glass
They knew I like this color?
2 glasses
So festive..=)

Jen would want to try the churros though I was able to convince her that earlier I eyed a coffee shop on the other side of the block that serve cakes too. =)

She was also reminded that she prefers the churros from Bay leaf hotel and Dulcinea.

I think as petite as I am, I am bloated after consuming what we ordered a few minutes ago. I must assume, there is a unique enticing taste to every Mexican recipe that I’ve tried, or probably it is that special heritage over good food.

The next time I will visit Molito, would be dinner time and beyond, so I can witness what’s it like while everyone were having fun and chugging their beers Al fresco.

I’ll check out their events soon..

Molito for me is a path paved with good food shops and cool nights of beers.

Relaxing sight during the night..