I <3 Chimichangas

I love Chimichangas!

Chimichanga is a treat which originated from Mexico is now loved by almost everyone in my country…the Philippines.

As many restaurants offering Mexican cuisine rise and fall in the food industry, varying approach is still at hand. Yet, the traditional remains best. As I have tried several places like Chilis, Rosie’s Diner (with their famous American portioned Taco salad located in the heart of Malate, Manila), Poquito Mas, Mexicali, even in the Skyline of Vivere Hotel’s roof top, you can have a taste of this famous Taco salad. Did I miss some place? Even in Tacloban City in the Eastern Visayas, there is a Mexican restaurant there offering the same treat – Sombrero. And way back my college days, there’s Tia Maria which later changed its name to “Aunt Marys” or the other way around. I can’t remember anymore.

There is but one place where you can find an authentic, carefully studied and flavourful Mexican treat. Well, maybe not that authentic as I haven’t seen in their menus mentions of jalapenos, but believe me, theirs is the best!

chimi 2
EK’s pork chimis!

From their own version of taco salad, burritos and chimichangas, making use of home – made tortillas. It is one of the best in the country (so far)!  Just the scent of fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and some secret herbs and spices, you can’t help but crave for more. Their sublimely delicious pork chimichanga is by the way my own personal favorite! Yummy! They actually come in three variants – chicken, pork and beef. Originally, I kept ordering the beef flavor, then, a close friend cum little sister at work (Mia), asked me to try the pork variant. I loved it since then.

I waited for the queue to clear up so It's my turn! 2 servings of pork chimis please! (--,)
I waited for the queue to clear up so It’s my turn! 2 servings of pork chimis please! (–,)

I heard they are also coming up with other Mexican varieties and I couldn’t wait to be the first to try.

So guess where you can find these truly delighting Mexican treat? At the Food court of the country’s one and only theme park – Enchanted Kingdom!

Try it to believe it! And don’t dare to leave the park without trying it. And not because I was once Section Head for Retail Operations of this popular park where the cliche “Love your own” can be applied by anyone, or I’m being paid to do this? Nooo! I swear, I’m not! It’s just the innate attitude of us to worthily share whatever is good and the pride and validation from people who took my word for it. It’s just one of the park’s treat to their guests! Happy eating!

PS – Try the “Tacones” too! It’s a truly unique treat!

Happy anniversary EK! =)