MAYO – A Mexican resto in Binan, Laguna

Mayo – A Mexican resto in Binan, Laguna

I recently literally went out of town just to go to this specialty shop where I can get my supply of accessories needed for my costume in  complying with our party’s theme.

It was a surprise to find out that we captured a so rush hour and most people opted to walk than spent hours stuck in traffic. We had to walk not a few meters but a few kilometers or so just to make it before 6:00pm. It is the usual hour that this store rolls down their windows.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it and I was really frustrated of not getting exactly what I needed and ended up with another store which supplies aren’t that complete.

Feeling the frustration right in my nerves, as we were walking, something lighted up my face. It is a quaint eatery that serves Mexican food! Yey! It had been days (or weeks) that I craved for Mexican food specifically during weekends when most Mexican restaurants are located outside my vicinity.

mayo 3
Without rice…
mayo 1
We want more! ahaha!
mayo 2
Coffee with Nachos?

To cut my story short, foodie buddy – Jen and I immediately entered this place and ordered for a burrito, nachos salad and quesadillas.

mayo 7
Not the usual corn chips… I think it’s molo wrappers..
Quesadillas – 3 cheeses!
mayo 8
They provide 2 different sauces – one that is not spicy and one that is spicy. While according to Jen, It isn’t spicy at all. Bicolana?

It somehow expelled some negative energies I accumulated for walking such distance only to find out that the store is already closed. And the frustration of not coming up with what I exactly crafted in my imagination.

My resilience took off on what I acquired and will make do with them, however I forgot about it all the while we were munching on our nachos and quesadillas. The burrito we had to bring home as we felt being full right away as we partnered them with a glassful of iced coffee.

It was weird though to pair Mexican food with coffee, but to no avail, it was all that they have.

mayo 9
Frap for the two of us..

The owner might have come up with several ideas which are staple for most, but the burrito seems weird to me as the attendant explained that theirs is without rice. So I even tried to convince him that it is not supposed to be called burrito because burritos has rice in it. If it is without rice as fillings, then it should be chimichanga. But he informed me that in some places, Burritos can come with other fillings without rice on it. Okay, accepted. We’re done arguing, I’m hungry. Lol!

mayo 5
Attendant dont’ want to look!

Upon seeing their version, they definitely researched for their offerings and did several tweaks like using molo wrappers for the nacho salad instead of the usual corn tortillas.

The quesadillas is swimming with sour cream too which normally, said cream is served separately.

The burrito was not wrapped by the usual pita bread, they used something similar with lumpia wrapper used for spring rolls and it is smaller compared to the usual serving of burritos.

Overall, we intended to go all the way from San Pedro to Binan from time to time if cravings for Mexican food arises, or if I’m lazy to make one, I have my own recipe which has been requested by my friends during occasion, and going to Binan once in a while won’t hurt just to get not the burritos but the quesadillas and nachos salad because honestly, we liked it. We also intend to try the tacos!

mayo 4
See you soon!

There had been a very few restaurants in San Pedro serving Mexican food. I actually knew just one – Snuggery cafe – that cute cafe 15 minutes away from home although I went there several times discovering that their nachos were out of stock. Probably because they are situated in front of a school and nachos is a favorite among teens alike.

So this blog came out as a surprise and unplanned. I think that place will be famous as long as they will continuously do improvements. They’re just a week old when we discovered them. Provecho! =)

mayo 6
They even provided a tv for their customers.

Mayo is located in Canlalay, Binan, Laguna. They are on Facebook too. =)