Mexicali – One fine Mexican treat!

Mexicali – One fine Mexican treat!

“I have never denied my background or my culture. I have taught my child to embrace her Mexican heritage, to love my first language – Spanish, to learn about Mexican history, music, folk art, food, and even the Mexican candy I grew up with. ~Salma Hayek~

It was 2004 when I discovered how great Mexican cuisine could be. It was when I first tasted the Chimichangas which is part of Enchanted Kingdom’s menu and I loved it since then. There’s a version with rice inside the tortillas – Burritos, though I first fell in love with Chimichangas. They come in three different fillings: pork, chicken and beef. The last one mentioned is my favorite. Later, my baby sissy have me tried the pork variant, and i loved it as well, each has a different flavor. I haven’t tried the chicken variant, perhaps, due to my skin rashes with chicken, so I go for the beef variant. It’s a little more expensive by a few pesos but it’s really worth it. There’s a blog that I’ve wrote about this special Chimichangas.

In Alabang, we have frequented “Mexicali” if craving for Mexican food sinks in. This particular day was with foodie/ travel buddy who happens to be in vacation (like I do) I just resigned from a work that I so much love though due to health concerns, I had to let go of the perks and privileges of being the Executive Assistant to the President and GM of one of the biggest glass supplier in the country. Goodbye to 24/7 duty. It is time to relax now.


Alabang was like home to me. We got burritos for my buddy, in other country, there’s Naked Burrito – it comes without the tortilla.


chimis for me,


and we shared a plate of nachos

Nachos salad…

with its’ creamy cheddar cheese and meat toppings with sliced black olives . We we’re eyeing some flavorful quesadillas though we were already bloated with what we’ve had. What we eyed is our dessert after this hefty meal.

I especially love their heirloom tomatoes, huge, crisp and fresh and the strong flavor of cilantro that will never be away from a chef’s knife if one is preparing Mexican cuisine.

Served fresh and hot!

The spiciness of their food is the only thing that I didn’t like so much, I am not a spicy girl, I am more of loving sweets and saltiness. Nevertheless, the bell pepper from Mexico, Jalapeno is something that I can tolerate. For without it, these recipes isn’t Mexican food at all. Their salsa is my favorite too. =)

There is also Mexicali in Greenbelt. It is just below the cinemas, and if I remember it right, during college days, we frequented the place as well with my college buddies. Same group of friends I was also with in their branch in Alabang. That rustic interiors, dark wood tables, logoed plates and napkins, friendly staff, I’ve always been comfy in that specific branch. Upon plight, I will instantly slouch in their sofas and ask for an iced water right away. And the staff will immediately provide it. They serve each glass and plate with a smile. Maybe why I am that so comfy in there.

Alabang Branch.

Next to EK’s chimis, Chilis, Army Navy,


Mexicali has been my favorite Mexican restaurant, and it’ll always be. (–,)

We loved their Quesadillas too!

It came with three dips..

Try it and believe. They have more than a dozen branches in the Philippines.