I walk the path of the ancient ones, nature is my church

Hey, I just planted a tree. A pine tree. I was wishing that most of us will do it once or twice in their lives or maybe better if more often.


This one I planted, would be tall enough years from now. And maybe while the years are passing. I would have planted more. If not trees, plants perhaps.

I am at this age when I feel obligated to do my part. My own little way. You can too. For our children’s children. For the planet we’re living in and the other living things.

Every now and then, I try to post reminders about saving the planet where we live in. I think this is some sort of remorse because I smoke. Though it is not eco-anxiety, just to make up for this habit, I double my efforts to help in my own little ways. Who knows, quitting smoking sooner could be one of them too.

I even consider myself a Rainbow warrior.


Years ago, my friends and I celebrateEarth hour, we would meet up on that day and wait for the “Earth hour”. If we can’t gather, we remind each other not to miss it.

What if we do “Earth hour” once every month. Maybe we can gauge a bigger impact if we practice it more often than just once a year. =)

Some organizations all around the world are working so hard to reverse climate change. Like putting a price on carbon removal. Taking part not to exactly solve a problem, but lessen the repercussions of the damage the world has done to Mother nature. Even someone as young as Greta Thunberg.

If we can’t join these organizations, and we want to help, what can we do in our little way?

Here’s what I have been doing for the past years and still trying to find more ways to show my love to Mother Earth.

  • First on the list we all know is to of course, conserve energy:

– By switching off lights more often if not in use

More than ten years ago, I changed all our bulbs at home, I have been using Led bulbs for more than 10 years now, and I actually save a few hundreds for my energy bill, yes, like a personal gain, still this little move has an impact into saving energy that equates to cleaner air because of lessened carbon emissions

– My father would always asked me to unplug gadgets and appliances when not in use, I get annoyed as young as I was, and then as I grow older, I realized it made sense

  • Save water

– Don’t keep water flowing when youre taking a bath, brushing your teeth, washing the dishes or doing laundry. Like if we do the math, how many gallons have we saved in a year if we practice this daily

– This might sound too much but I use the water from cleaning our rice and re-use them to water my plants, not only it is good to my plants, I need not buy fertilizers anymore

– A friend of my mom told us that they do not use their toilet flushes that often, instead, they use their pail to flush the toilet, though this one I am not doing yet, still it is one way to save water

– During pandemic, most of us are at home, and definitely, the dirt we accumulate in a day is not as much as we do when we go out before. We can lessen a few minutes in the shower. If before you’re in the shower for 20 minutes, you can make it at 15 minutes. Doing the math again, you were able to save almost 2 hours of flowing water in a month

  • Aim for zero waste, if not, down-size them:

– Lessen buying new stuff especially those you dont need that much

– Recycle or Upcycle: It’s one of the best method in waste management

I found this one slogan that’s really great and easy to remember. =)

– Old clothes turned into rugs or quilts or a framed work of art

– Donate not so old clothes that are piling up in your closets, I read somewhere, that if you haven’t use a shirt for a year, let it go. Like what Marie Kondo says, Feel your clothes, As you’re sorting them out, keep those that still makes you happy. Try it, It is very effective to conquer the difficulty of letting go of something because we are sentimental most of the time

Well, what I do here, if I’m half-hearted, I still let it go. Though, I take a photo of it, especially if it’s a gift from my mom or my best friend. That if I can’t physically keep it, I take a photo as souvenir. What do you think? =)

– Go for refills to lessen plastic bottle productions, better yet, support shampoo bars and opt to make use of wooden items. Like this one.

I recently ditch my plastic toothbrush and opted to have a wooden one. It’s my own little way to help the environment. I could also purchase more as gifts. =)

– Be creative, I strongly believe that there is an Artist in all of us =) There are a lot we can do out of plastic bottles. I am very inspired of these creative people who are coming up with so many beautiful things from scraps. Use social media as your source of inspiration =)

There is one hotel in Cebu with a grand chandelier in their lobby, and upon looking at it closely, I was appalled to notice that they are disposable plastic utensils, arranged beautifully.

– Compost. I love to cook, as expected, we tend to accumulate more trash than usual. What I do is I compost kitchen scraps. Sometimes, I also use egg shells & fruit peels as fertilizers. It actually saved me money (to buy trash bags).

– There is a group who led this “Zero waste movement“, with an annual trash output of less than a jar. This they achieved by embracing a minimalistic approach in their lifestyle.

  • I also support the benefits of going paperless
it is also in my email details
  • Lessen usage of plastic bags, instead keep a tote in your bag

– I have been a fan of tote bags for so many years now. There’s always one inside my bag. And at times I’m buying something that I’m going to use right away, I no longer let them wrap it in paper bags

  • Bring your own water, like if I wont, I’ll probably be purchasing a minimum of 3 bottled drinks in a day
  • Plant more plants, more trees, the better. Don’t just buy, propagate
  • Walk the talk, as in literally, just walk, its good for the heart and lungs
  • Buy local

– It is fresh for sure, and it didn’t travel long to get to you thus this simple act created an impact in reducing pollution

  • Buy vintage

– Appreciating vintage, or creating art out of it are practices indirectly contributing into lessening carbon footprints

  • I am also considering acquiring solar-powered lamps and other stuff

I am sure you have other practices on top of what I’ve mentioned. Just do it. Religiously.

Not only you’re saving your own money, you are helping to lessen the landfills, the carbon emission, and with all the hopes we can get, we can heal Mother Earth in the process.

I am just thankful for a video I received, It is worth sharing here.

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Let’s keep in mind and heart, this is not just for us, for the other living things that God created along with us and for our children’s children.