Bridging the Gap…

Bridging the Gap…

“Turning my wounds into wisdom.”
~borrowed from Ms. Oprah Winfrey~

For the last few years of allowing myself to be directed to do the things I love. Focusing on activities like photography, traveling, gardening, blogging and subjects like lighthouses, spiral staircases, vintage door knockers, patterned tiles, black and white too (I got it from my dad), windmills, flowers, butterflies. Things that are man-made and created by God as well. I’ve discovered plenty from both.

One thing that fascinates me are bridges. One restaurant I’ve tried mounted photos of bridges which I must assume are from different countries that they have visited.

This has propelled me to gather all those bridges I’ve came across with through the years. Besides, bridges has inspired us in more ways than one, it was in a song: “Bridge over troubled water”, and it was even in movies (Bridges of Madison county, A bridge too far, Broken bridges, etc.). There was even a motto about it: “Do not cross the bridge until you get there.” 

True enough, bridges for me are symbolic. It gives you courage. Or make you realized that you are brave and willing to take risks literally crossing the bridge or challenges of life per se.

First, you evaluate the sturdiness of the bridge, actually there are a lot to test. The wood planks you will set foot on, the ropes or chains that holds it to somewhere robust and hold it for a lifetime. How loose it’ll shake due to it’s suspension.

And how about the end of the bridge. What’s it like?

The depth of where you’re gonna fall, just in case. Knock on wood. (–,)

Are there other people who might block your way?

Even the distance, how long are you going to keep your guts intact so as to cross it and reach the end.

Enumerating this, isn’t it a symbol of life’s challenges?

Looking at bridges this way, I hold such appreciation to this man-made ingenuity as a means of traveling. Or crossing another land, another place. And to realize that in each adventure, “All it takes is courage.”

And since you were connected to the other end (bridge as connections), you felt to be a different person, a braver one perhaps.

Here are some of the bridges I’ve crossed over through the years.

Casa San Pablo, Laguna
bridge 2
Caleruega, Batangas..
caleruega 2
In Caleruega again..
canyon woods
Canyon Woods, Tagaytay..
Filinvest, Alabang…
san juanico bridge
I asked the driver to pull-over so I can take this…=) San Juanico, bridge, Eastern Visayas..
While here, the driver won’t let me. So I captured even the knick knacks in his dashboard… This is Mactan bridge in Cebu..
Just a short one at Balay Indang… Tropical plants can be seen below.. The vines covering the canopy protected passers from the heat of the sun…=)

Determining what’s it like on the other end allows us to creatively determine our decisions whether to cross it or not. Or if there’s no other way to go to the other side. Evaluate the risks and courage to overcome fear in crossing them, especially if there’s no more turning back.

Better yet, appreciate all that comes to it while crossing. It could be a crystal clear brook below, or huge trees standing mighty proud and looking at you while crossing, or in my case, even encountering a harmless dog proving to me that it is safe to cross. =)

I have eyed stunning ones from different places:

Chateau Hestia

Courtesy of:

Majayjay falls

Courtesy of:
Courtesy of Green Canyon
Green Canyon, Eco Art Resort Courtesy of:

And if fate permits, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Courtesy of:

And who knows I might go as far.

Ferreiros-do-dao-tondela in Portugal
Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn bridge in New York!
ourika valley
Ourika valley/ Camel trekking in Morocco! =) Courtesy of: http://cameltrekking-4×
traveling couple.jpg
Photo of this hanging bridge at Masungi Georeserve grabbed from:

They say that if you dream, you better dream big!

And if you might have encounter one awesome bridge, please do share it (them) with me. I’d really appreciate it. =)