Hunting for a new pizza at PIZZA HUT!

Hunting for new pizzas at Pizza hut

“Happiness is pizzas with lots of cheese!”

During my teenage years. Pizza hut among other pizza parlors in the country holds a strong footing in its’ category.

And through the years, Pizza hut was a regular companion when it comes to gratifying our cravings for these specially-made doughs from Italy.

Blue lights..
new interiors
Cove lightings created drama. I think they renovated for a couple times already..

Last night, after doing regular routines to get our supplies from a nearby supermarket, our empty stomachs lead us to Pizza hut.

Cha and nanny!

True enough, they have evolved. Since another pizza parlor (which happens to be their loftiest rival) offers thin crust pizza, they now have it too. Or probably been years since we don’t normally visit their place, we just call and request for home-deliveries. So I wouldn’t know.

They also have “Hut Patatas“, the famous mojo potatoes which is always trending in big ways and one of the reasons why the other pizza parlor is famous for and a lot of new items we discovered in their menu.

Their version of Mojos.

Mojos potatoes or potato wedges being a type of “hors d’oeuvre” originated from some regions of the United States.


While in the Canary Islands, it is a kind of sauce.


So we tried all those new items except for the green salads in shrimps and mangoes.

chken salad
Greens with chix.
shrimp salad
With shrimps.

Take a look:

We had 2 different pizzas both in new variants. We got or should I say I personally choose this one with sausages on it assuming it is more like of pepperonis.

sausage pizza
With sausages..

And the one displayed on their table as a Christmas offering. The “Holiday cheesy bites”.

holiday bites
Cheesy bites..

It is stacked with several toppings like bell peppers, chunks of pineapples, some meats plus mozzarella filled bite-sized rolls on the side. We didn’t want the mayo like flavor. It is actually a garlic dip according to the attendant. Though, honestly, it didn’t fit in all the rest of the flavors. It is mismatched. And this is just our opinion. Some might like it. It’s different tastes for different folks right?

1 vote out of four..

We also had their “Spicy Asian”. The hand-tossed wings in Hickory BBQ sauce.


A favorite of father and son alongside Buffalo wings. It should be spicy for these two men.

tatty and kulet
Father and son!

And I had the cheezy thins too. It’s their own version of the recently loved “Four cheeses”. The most-liked options by far. By all four of us. =)

four cheese
Gone in seconds! lol!

Specializing in so much more than pizzas itself, just continuing the tradition with a massive selection is now at hand only that not everything is available. My hubby and son favored the “Crab salad roll” however it is not available.

crab rolls

Photo courtesy of:

I also ordered for an ala carte of their paella for my mom, but then, it’s not available too.

For the drinks, my adoptive daughter took their blue pinacolada and the rest of us had their bottomless Pepsi. I missed this drink, it is often Coca-cola in most restaurants. =)

For Cha!

Despite of what’s missing in their menus, it was still worth visiting Pizza hut. It has always been a gastronomic treat having pizzas. And the best part of it is having them with people close to your heart – your family. =)