It’s Gotta Be – SHAKEY’S!

It’s Gotta Be Shakey’s!

Gone are the days when I used to play with my spaghetti in a skillet. Those who were born in the 70s or 80s might recall the spaghetti in Shakey’s which they call “Skiletti”. This I remember ordering with pizza, chicken and “Mojos”. The Mexican version of potato fries. Which eventually, made Shakey’s famous for it. None was able to do potatoes like it, or so I believe. I also inquired a few years ago if they do not intend to bring back the spaghetti in a skillet. And the attendant doesn’t know about it! Ahaha!

The Shakey’s branch in San Pedro is still standing tall even if there’s Pizza Hut, Yellow cab, Greenwich, within the vicinity. Not to forget mentioning the hole in the wall pizza stores that are also making money both from dine-ins and home-deliveries. The likes of Pizza Calda, Pizza Monte, Dexter’s pizza, Don Rogelio’s and many others that I haven’t been discovering yet.

I think it is because of their thin crust pizza. Personally, I like it better. I enjoy the toppings more and I don’t feel bloated after unlike if I consume a couple of slices of the thick crust ones, I feel so heavy. It reminded me during college days when another pizza store promoted their pizza by their “Eat all you can” and I recall trying it and felt like almost throwing-up maybe because of the thick crust. And so with the many times I have been in Shakey’s. I favored it than the others.

This is the only time that I felt like blogging about it. Imagine, when it started? 1954!


More than 60 years!

Just a few years ahead of Di’Marks! They are already there during my school days! =) I even had my high school graduation party at Shakey’s! =)

Traditionally, we had their Special pizza:

Thin crust pleeeease! =)

What’s nice about thin crusts is that there’s less oil. Have you noticed it? Their chicks and chips on a basket:

chic n chips
I think I can still consume a basket-full of those potatoes! =)

The flavor of those Mojos hasn’t change! (–,) Those red checkered liners are Shakey’s original! They’re good at branding..=) Mojos, thin-crust pizzas, It’s gotta be Shakey’s! =)

We just had coffee latte shakes for our drinks. And voila, we’re full and tummies were happy as well!

Thank you Shakey’s for being around during times I am lazy to cook for everyone! =)

PS Their branch in San Pedro used to have a band during the 1980s. And I used to sing there alternating my BFF’s turn who is originally the singer at that time. I even kept napkins with greetings and requests for songs to sing. I hope I can still unearth them so I can post them here. Good old times make me smile all the time! I miss singing too! And unfortunately, I don’t know how to sing anymore! Ahahaha! =)