LA PIADINA at Glorietta 4, Makati

La Piadina – Another Italian inspired restaurant 

Sometimes, you just want pizza. Italian pizza. Authentic Italian pizza.

Meeting up with college friends is one sure way to do it over nibbling on pizza. My college bestie then endorsed La Piadina.

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Regionale Italiana: all the items from their menu were a combination of exciting and popular dishes from the different regions of Italy:

– Puglia

– Emilia Romagna

– Piemonte

– Toscana

la piadina 3
My bestie’s loves…

I researched for La Piadina’s meaning and it means “flat bread” in Italy. It felt more exciting since during my research, I found out that the Italian owner of this restaurant strictly implements “No commissary” and “No micro-wave policy”. It reminded of my late father who insisted to return the black micro-wave that I bought as a present to him and my mother. According to him, you will see all kinds of appliances at home, but please, not a micro-wave oven. He explained why and in a way, I admired the strictness. On that same day, we returned the item.

La Piadina is inside a mall – Glorietta 4 to be specific. Though, they also have branches at:

– Robinson’s Galleria

– Robinson’s Ermita

– Greenbelt 1

– Solaris 1

Our first visit to La Piadina happened years ago, during a college friend’s usual visit to the Philippines since she migrated to the US many years ago. Her once a year visit to the Philippines meant dinner or lunch or shopping with me and our other friend.

It was good to know that beyond distance, we make it a point to see each other once a year and keep one another posted be it on e-mail or Facebook, Viber and you would’nt believe even via snail mail.

When I received a snail mail from her, I was so ecstatic and it really felt good receiving such nowadays. She was thoughtful ever since college.

What we’ve had from La Piadina are these garlic bread sticks, which they call “Grissini di pizza” for a starter.

la piadina
“Grissini di pizza…”

We took one variant of their pizza for our other friend and “Calzone” for the two of us.

la piadina 4
This is Calzone. The one behind the bread sticks from the other picture. Link: Tokyo/11523658521078

See the size, I had to bring it home. And it comes with some pastas to match it. I didn’t even consume half of it not because the taste isn’t good. It does taste good. It’s just that we ordered a lot and I guess we can’t consume everything, our other friend even shared portions of her pizza too.

Doing this occasions,  it is truly some kind of human experience that we all need to be grateful and practically leaving genuine smiles on our faces.

la piadina 2
My college buddies, we had this shot while waiting for our food.

Besides, from such sanguine expectations, our cravings for pizza is as good as we had hoped.

Till then. =)

La Piadina is in:
Glorietta 4
2/F Glorietta 4,
East Drive Ayala Center, Makati City
Phone: 02-501-3788