Pizza Warehouse – New York Style (Affordable) Pizza! <3

It was 2009 when my office in Makati had to be transferred to our newly erected office building in Paranaque. I headed Admin. Dept at that time and was personally instructed by my boss to purchase pantry tables from SNR. I just replied “Yes Sir!” obediently. =) Without him seeing a big question mark on my face. Because at the back of my mind I haven’t heard of it yet and  I honestly don’t even know what and where SNR is?
After that meeting, I immediately asked my colleagues about SNR and they said in chorus and were kidding me that it’s a huge warehouse of imported stuff (food and non food), that it is where our boss does his grocery and only the “can affords” or expats or foreigners can afford shopping at SNR. Unless you get your groceries from Rustans or specific Specialty shops scattered inside a mall. One of us even said in the vernacular “Supermarket ng mayayaman sis!” (Supermarket of the rich!) And we all ended up giggling!
I paid visit the one in Alabang right away out of mere curiosity and excitement (there are other branches I heard). It reminded me of PX goods in Angeles. Pampanga. True enough, it was really big. Even the carts are bigger than the usual that I use in different supermarkets. Like an authentic American burger which they normally call “American size” which normally we’re having difficulty to consume. Since then aside from the items required by my boss, I shop there personally not because I am rich. I am not! The impression it created at that time is (like I did an RCA (root cause analysis), it is not that popular at that time.

Nowadays, anyone can avail of the membership card for a minimum fee. Some years have passed (5 yrs to be exact) they haven’t made an increase yet.I fell in love with SNR because I get best buys of huge bottles of Canola oils and ketsups that normally lasts a month on a regular consumption. We are just 4 at home at that time. My parents, my son and me. Once I am so happy that I’ve bought some Martha Stewart items at a good price because they were on sale. They will send you an email for some announcements so you’d get to take advantage and get a better deal.

I also like that after shopping, the warehouse is huge right? There is quick service restaurant inside that will fill up your tummy at a not so high price. I am referring to their New York style pizza. The last one we had is from Alabang too at Brooklyn Pizza. The variants are not that limited there’s all cheese, there’s one everything on it, there’s seafood, there’s all pepperoni (my favorite) and the bottomless drink that comes with it. My son, a pizza lover too who happens to love pickles, enjoyed the pickle dispenser so much. He would even ask me if he can bring home pickles since he usually bought pizza to bring home. He and his BFF can’t do away without getting Ben and Jerry’s. Now it’s Blue Bunny. Still, they would scream from ice scream like kids.

My apologies if this is about another pizza parlor accidentally discovered by me and my foodie buddy and not about SNR Membership Shopping. As some weeks ago. While shopping in Glorietta, we spotted a pizza parlor where taste and variants are very similar to that quick service restaurant inside SNR. That if you are not a member, Pizza Warehouse is the best option for New York style pizza. You can enjoy similar typical SNR pizza and they even accommodate home deliveries too. With very friendly (and helpful) staff.During our first visit. We had these:

My pepperoni…
Jen’s shrimp and garlic…
Only a hundred and nine pesos each…=)
These are what I am missing when I am at SNR.
Like the other warehouse, they have lots of these too..=) Courtesy of:
We will come back – definitely…=)

Pizza Warehouse is in Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City, Philippines.