PROJECT PIE – Artisanal Pizza…

Project Pie PH – Artisanal Pizza…

proj pie
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This block at Shaw has been vacant over the past years, then it was transformed (just last year) into a block with a collection of interesting choices for foodies like me.

Human traffic is definitely essential for a place to grow. On queue are Starbucks, “Just like Home” and Project Pie.

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Recently, behind said block, you will find Conti’s.

It was such a sight to behold especially if you’re situated at the second floor of either Scarsdale Artisanal Donuts or Aristocrat Restaurant. The block in front of Project pie where SNR is located.

A parking lot shaded by some huge trees illuminates the area during the night because of the Capiz lanterns installed randomly on their branches.

I regret not to have a photo of it however I will get one soon and post it here so as to be able to share with you its’ beauty. It made a very beautiful scene out of the whole area.

Project Pie’s concept is the one that I was wishing for ever since. A pizza wherein all of the toppings are of my choice! Wow! Project pie made that wish came true. Part of that wish is myself doing the toppings. However, at Project pie, it’s the attendants’ duty. And all I have to do is watch them. =)

Nevertheless, having all the toppings that I wanted in one pizza is the best part of it.

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And what are my toppings? First on my list are of course, pepperonis! Then the different kinds of cheese ( feta, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella). Some meats, bell peppers, and bacon! And Voila! ❤ ❤ ❤ A pizza with all of my favorite stuff on it! (–,)

Over-all remarks? Staff are friendly, unique interiors and good food made with fresh ingredients.

There’s a mural that will capture your attention with quotes that are funny and inspirational.

Project pie 2
Project pie..
Project Pie
They seem to love most of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quotable quotes..

The drinks are neatly arranged in their chiller, and to suit your taste, whether you prefer just water (in a very cute design of bottle), or fruit juice, teas, even wine and beers.

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Loved the bottle!
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Originally, it came from the USA. One in Las Vegas and there’s one in San Diego too. How nice to know that they are bringing in their products to the Philippines.  Thank you Mr. James Markham!

Project pie is in these locations too:

 – Mall of Asia

 – Alabang (which is just near my place) (–,)