We really love YELLOW CAB!

We really love Yellow cab! ❤ ❤ ❤

Hmmn, pizza. Theres’ nothing like it! Just the scent of the different herbs and spices and melted cheese makes me drool. As Yellow cab boasts their open kitchen and we enjoyed seeing them baking the doughs since the ovens are visible. What more if I struggled to capture the generous loads of mozzarella cheese on top. Well, as for me, and for my son. There’s really nothing like pizzas! And I didn’t know that preference with food can be hereditary. Ahaha!

None that I know of who didn’t enjoy slices of this Italian dish sometimes in their lives. The hundreds of parlors (big and small even hole in the walls) offering it in our country are but proofs that a lot flock to this classic.

And recently, I indulged again with another. With Jen, my ever another “pizza lover” forever. We plotted that afternoon with just pizzas in our minds.

And where else can we go when we’re in Alabang area?

There’s one authentic Italian restaurant in Commerce Center. There are three in Festival mall, the recent expansion of this mall includes a block that has restaurants with pizza too. There’s S&R. There’s Brooklyn pizza, Amici and California pizza kitchen in ATC. And there’s Molito. How about Dominos? =)

We can’t make up our minds and finally, New York style pizza slices were dancing in our minds so we landed at the nearest. The checkerboard theme of it, the yellow signage glaring back at us. We knew then that we’re heading to “Yellow cab” at the Chef’s avenue thinking only of “Dear Darla” rolls, since I am missing the alfalfa sprouts.

yc 3
Dear Darla – i miss you!
yc 18
Yey, pizza!
yc 14
I want one please!

However, as we were looking at their menu. We marveled at the huge meatballs topped on spaghetti in marinara sauce and opted to get it and paired it with Pepperoni & mushroom large pizza for Jen and me. Believe me she can consume a whole of it. I think, I can too! Lol!

yc 10
pizza + pasta = happiness
yc 8
Very New York…
yc 7
Meatballs spaghetti..
yc 5
I love the pizza trays! Very useful!

She knew that I’ve always loved pepperonis on pizzas, lots of cheese and that’s it. The bell peppers and tomatoes are a must too. Once we ordered for the New York’s finest. This time, I am good with pepperonis and mushrooms.

ny finest
New york’s finest..

We didn’t get bottles of Snapple tea because we both craved for ice cream and settled with their ice-cold table water. It is our first time to try their ice cream. =)

While dining, the store was able to transport us somewhere else. Like we’re out of the country. Their interiors are at high-ceilings, the pipings and ducts are exposed, the concrete walls with murals of New York. I truly loved their theme. Big apple.

yc 17
yc 16
Concrete walls!
yc 15
Exposed pipes and ducts!
yc 13
Wall-mounted shots of the Big apple!
yc 6
Stark ceiling…

After all the spices and tastiness and oiliness. It is best to have something sweet.

yc 4
Mine was pistachio and Jen had the Strawberry fields flavor.

And none of our choices were disappointing. Everything went smooth despite of its’ being spicy. And it’s peppery taste is something I can manage. They raved about the chili oil and true enough theirs is one of the best.

yc 11
Generous supply of condiments…

You get quality pizza and pasta and dessert all in one. Just one word. Happy. =)

yc 9
No excuses! (–,)


We brought home some hefty slices for my son. As I could not stand the guilt devouring on pizza without sharing him some. My pizza junkie baby. ❤ ❤ ❤