Choose your battles…

Choose your battles…

“Choose your battles wisely, life is not always about winning fights, it is about being happy.”


I’ve often looked at life as a battle. Fighting for something that you believe, one way or another. Not to mention that it is important to decide on what kind of battle we are supposed to fight for and engaged yourself in. Often times, we get extremely wounded. We get crippled. And sometimes, we almost die. We are temporary disabled while simultaneously giving us the chance learn the lessons it imparts during recuperation. Healing can even take months or years.

There are also times when we don’t need to win. Because it’s not just about winning. It is more like about courage to be defeated. Like a destination, you enjoy more the travel itself more so of where you are heading to. Or both.

At war, winning is imperative, still if we lose, we do not totally lose, we gained a lot and how we fought and how it made us, as a person at the end of the game. Like in love, sometimes it’s not about ending up with that person, but having the chance to love and be loved in return. Or we thought so. The experience, the moments we dote on all our lives, because at the end of the road, it felt better that we gave it a shot than not trying at all. Better yet, of being able to weigh its’ worth.

One of my previous boss called us soldiers. Having branches nationwide and being sent to each of them. He would always tell us upon returning to home-base “Good job soldier!” And the term seeps within. It felt good. You are there for a fight. And whether you win or lose, with luck on our side, the boss having been in the battlefield all his life, he focused more on how you fought the battle. You don’t go there without a plan. You don’t bring weapons that are empty.

I miss it. I miss fighting. For love. For self-worth. For dignity. For a happy life. At a young age, I fought for my faith. Losing my first love in the name of God because keeping my faith and my personal beliefs was of more significance than finding myself living a life with a man with principles that might not be in sync with mine. I strongly believe that it is not the life that I want. So I let him go, set myself free and prayed and hoped for a life that suits my mind and my heart’s desires.

After more than three generations. I figured out that on a daily basis. We are soldiers. We fought for our jobs. For our right of way. For our pets. We fought for friendships. We fought for our own place in the family, we fought for a chance to live the life we so much wanted. We fought for the truth.

We are all a fighter. Let the cowards hide under the tables. Wounds might leave scars on our bodies or even on our faces. It cuts through and even our soul sensed it. And ironically they soon become so beautiful they symbolizes strength, wisdom and true beauty in and out.

I'm a soldier..=)
I’m a soldier..=)