Flower Power…

Flower Power

Flowers for me have been one of God’s most beautiful creation and gift to humankind. It’s as if He wanted to talk to us and He created flowers to convey to us His thoughts. Typically, I’ve come to admire flowers like everyone else does, flowers of all kinds ever since as a kid.

Courtesy of: http://myths-made-real.blogspot.com/2012/12/bio-art-georgia-o-keeffe.html

Incidentally, one uncle of mine used to be a Florist and he would always prepare a bouquet for me and my mom (his elder sister) at every occasion. I felt so happy then as young as I was. He was the one who did my flowers when I turned 18 and during my wedding, he was also the one who did my bouquet including those for the whole entourage. I am not so sure if it’s my mom’s influence though she’s someone I’ve known who’s fascination with flowers is ever present and unceasing. Be it in her scent, her clothes, her other stuff, in her garden you will see orchids, roses and other species that looks equally pretty which names I do not know, even a “Rosal”, which has a very strong though pleasing scent.

My papa during my teen years known to have a “green thumb” was able to grow flowers in a specific variety of cactus, it seldom happens and of course my mom was very happy about it. Unknowingly, I grew up acquiring that. My love for flowers is so palpable that whenever some suitors wooed me with flowers, even if I don’t like them at all, I showed some sort of appreciation during times I received them. I felt so happy and elated. I have received different kinds (Roses for most of the time, dozens of white roses once, Daisies, orchids, Gerberas and combinations of different kinds), they come in boxes, in baskets, in satin ribbons and in different colors too: orange, red, pink, yellow and violets! At one point in time, it came with a teddy bear, they normally come with this cute little white flowers acting like fillers called angels’ breaths.

There was one birthday of mine, I just turned 16 and got tons of flowers, seriously. Mama and I decided to put them on vases, and displayed them in the living room, mamas bedroom and in the kitchen. Though, there are still some we can no longer display, so I placed them inside the refrigerator fearing it would somehow wilt right away. And to my surprise, my papa, upon opening the refrigerator to get something and eventually he can not find it because the flowers inside are overflowing, he was somehow pissed and took them out, so I freaked out and he told me to buy my own ref. Oh well.

Once I experienced leis of Sampaguita (Our national flower) carefully placed on our necks during “Flores de Mayo” (Flowers of May), it was like a token of gratitude from the Hermana.

You wouldn’t believe, there was a time that I bought myself a bouquet of flowers pulling the idea from an article: “100 Things to do before you die”. And the more you wouldn’t believe, that I gave a bouquet of flowers to a man whom I adored at a time I have my own solitary way of defining love. This guy is the same person who gave me flowers in almost any occasion. He would surprise me by delivering flowers in my office creatively arranged in a cute pot or sometimes in a basket. I was ecstatic to see it on top of my table and I was blushing as everyone were teasing me about it. He made sure to attach a missive that melted my heart then. He was also the one who gave me flowers which I guess wass taller than me. It was neatly arranged in a transparent plastic tube. I don’t know how they were able to be taller than me. I wouldn’t want them to wilt and If I have a magic wand to sprinkle so they will stay fresh forever (like the love that we used to have), I will.

I once painted an abstract painting and my subject were flowers too.

my abstract
My abstract painting…

There’s a story behind that painting, I painted 3 different flowers (red, white and yellow) with a prayer asking God to use it as a sign that whoever will be the guy to give me yellow flowers, he is that one that I’m going to marry. My son’s father handed me a yellow rose though I forgot about the painting then, when after marrying him, I remembered about the sign that I prayed for. God can definitely speak to us, He listen to us all the time. I guess as long as our prayers came from our hearts, He will always listen.

The power of flowers not only to women but to the whole of humankind is so magical, fascinating and at times, sacred. Flowers of any kind are so attractive, it is always a part of a photographer’s portfolio, a part of an artist’s choice to create fabrics, wall designs, furniture, candles shaped like a flower, etc.

One of the most expensive paintings in the world by Van Gogh – The Sunflowers. Courtesy of: http://www.vangoghgallery.com/painting/sunflowerindex.html

A favorite subject of most painters.

Birds of paradise by O'Keefe Image courtesy of wikipaintings.org
Birds of paradise by Pacita Abad (A Filipina painter) Image courtesy of wikipaintings.org

The effect of it on one’s heart is so light, beautiful and whimsical. I have not seen a flower that isn’t beautiful, gives us an instant smile and delight whenever we see one.

violet floral dress
violet n black

Truly, its’ natural beauty can not be manipulated by time or any media perhaps, its’ beauty is eternal. How can we ever be grateful to God for allowing us to witness such beauty in our daily lives that seems to be found everywhere. Isn’t it enough for us to be happy and grateful for the world that we live in? And much as I want to include fashion in my blogs. I opted not to as it isn’t my turf. I am not aware of the latest trends. I will just wear anything that looks personally pretty to me and just as long as they are comfortable, light and feels easy. I am not much into make-up or fashion, as a Designer I just have ideas on what to wear or what not to wear depending on the occasion and most of the time depending on how I feel.

Still, I have collated some pictures depicting my love for flowers. As they manifested in my clothes too. Please take a peek,

On black..

and let us all be grateful for this gift from God that seems to be always around us. May we not overlook such gifts. It has always been there to inspire and make this world as beautiful as it can ever be. I can never imagine this world without one.