“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

May it be a BEAUTiful day everyday! <3<3<3

This quote has struck me a few years ago, it was shared by a one of our most competent and (furious) VPs in my previous job, It has inspired me since then.

For this year, I intend to keep this in mind and heart and probably mount it in my room as a reminder. =)

My Daily Musts

1. Pray upon waking up
2. Pray before sleeping
3. Ask for God’s guidance
4. Thank HIM
5. Praise HIM
6. Be kind to others
7. Be kind to myself
8. Be kind to animals
9. Help those who are in need
10. Clean up the mess (right away)
11. When you drop something, pick it up (right away)
12. Let the sun touch my skin
13. Check the moon
14. Smell the flowers
15. Smile
16. Read
17. Laugh (and cry if needs be)

It has been more than a decade that I’ve managed to keep a list of my “To Dos” if not on a day to day basis, I do it weekly or monthly. Normally, I have loved collecting Stabilos and highlight those that’s been done already. You will usually find smileys and some cute symbols after each of the highlighted ones, they served as reminders if im lazy to put in the details.

Luckily, I never missed a year of getting a planner as a gift, or if chance permits, I eagerly joined contests or promotions for me to get my own planner. I am motivated by the fact, that the company’s thrust to give-away said planners is to give back as well. I then do it religiously, it felt good inside.

Here are some of the planners that I’ve acquired all these years:

Planners I’ve maintained all these years!

I specially like the one with a leather jacket, it allowed me to insert some
post-its, business cards and other stuff. I also loved the one from “Go Donuts” which I’ve got as a gift from a little sister friend at work. Since I normally acquire more than one planner each year, I made use of the other as my Scrapbook or my personal journal. The other one, I utilized as my planner per se at work. It was funny at times, that I tend to mix concerns and eventually jot them down on both planners, just to ensure not to miss
any important dates or occasion.

There were years I only have one planner, So I had to buy one for my scrapbook or create a DIY scrapbook. I’ve always wanted to volunteer designing a particular planner feeling that it can still look better or more user-friendly.

There was once, I used an old huge book and cut and paste  my stuff there, covered it with my favorite patterns and voila, On another year, I opted to re-use a table calendar and found myself falling in love with my DIY scrapbook which contains life’s mundane details, bitter and sweet memories that I won’t mind recalling from time to time. Crazy, happy, silly, teary moments that makes a pretty better tougher soul out of me.

Some friends of mine doesn’t support the idea, according to them, plans or “Things to do” list must be in my mind and should not be relied on a list written on a paper. According to them If I failed to jot it down, I’ll miss it because I relied only on those that’s in the list. As stubborn as I can be, I keep  on keeping a list. I have a pen and paper anytime. Like an artist who has a ready sketchpad in his bag, and will doodle anytime upon finding something that’s interesting to him, anywhere he is. By the way, I always thought that artists can always find something beautiful anywhere, I guess that is the reason why a sketchpad came in handy to them. So in my case, I wrote it down, If I don’t have a pen and paper, I used my phone to list
things that popped in my mind (out from nowhere too), there were even times, I text myself. And I’ll just transfer them in my planner. That’s how I plan. It is good to know that some of my accomplishments, be it material things or not, be it big or not. I based them on those that I’ve planned to do and did it and that they happen to outnumber those that were left undone.

The list I noticed (I guess you do too), it has always been endless. After completing a task or something from the list, another need (or want) will come up, Like the saying goes:”Your in-tray will never be empty”. This is how I plan, there are also instances that something I desire when I was still young were still the same stuff that I desired years ago, similar things that I wanted to give to my parents, and immaterial things that I wanted to
accomplish. Not so long ago, the book I dreamt of publishing becomes clearer this year. It’s almost done. I’ve found an artist who would help me with the lay-out and a publisher as well. I am so excited. I intend to renovate my parents house too, create a space that I’ll call “Heaven on earth”. Slowly and aside from my duties at work and at home, as a daughter, as an employee, as a friend, as a mother, I prioritized per month all those that doesn’t concern either, meaning my “Me Time” or something
that sums up my happy life which fuels me to keep on looking forward to the years ahead of planning and getting them done at the right time. I’ve always believed they all happen in God’s time. My planners and its’ contents are the voices of my reason to live life to the fullest.

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I’ve got 3 planners for 2014! Yey!
For 2018…

It meant accomplishing things after another. Not the ones others wants for you, but those that you want for yourself. Patience is an attribute which I need to thank God for blessing us with, among His many gifts. Nowadays, they no longer call patience a virtue, nowadays, its a talent. True enough, planning requires this talent every step of the way, and tracking moments of despair and accomplishments is a “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow” thing for me. I don’t really mind. It’s a good life after all. (–,)