Life is always BEAUTIFUL!

Life is always beautiful…

Inspired by Pinay’s “Will of hope”…

Message for my friend: Pinay – I have written this wishing that I am as strong as you. God bless you…

A concert was dedicated to help Pinay with her medications.

My life… I normally run out of words if I speak of life. Moreso, my life. My beautiful life. How I was created by our Creator, how I am mould by my parents, how I became a better person because of those people I’ve loved and loved me in return, even for a while. How I became stronger because of the people who have inflicted me pains emotionally, mentally, spiritually, intentionally or not, it doesn’t matter, as it didn’t make me a lesser person, perhaps, it brought me wisdom. And learned things no one can steal away from me.

My love for life is like the flowers in my garden, there will come a time, I see them dried up, they wilt and fall on the ground. But then again, before I knew it, another one will bloom, and another. Bringing a scent to my garden which makes my day a whole lot sweeter. It resembles a cycle. Like hibernating and waking up again. During quiet moments, like a prelude of what’s to come. There is anger, then there is guilt. A kind of remorse as to why I felt angry when there is so much more positive emotions to feel and grasp than anger. I could not remain angry. Because each time I wake up. Looking around, are endless reasons to be happy.

To be grateful. The capacity of loving, of forgiving, of remembering, of forgetting, of appreciating. Whatever life has to offer. It’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Places. Beautiful places which maps are etched in my heart. Which makes me a better person. Which makes me yearn for more. To reach far away places and make coming home more exciting. A safe realm. Being one with nature that nurtures the soul. Allowing you to recognize that they’ve always been a masterpiece. The stories we hear. Those that we’ve watched. The cuisines we’ve tasted.

The people we encounter along the way. Memories, good and bad. Faithful friends. Friends I can trust. Even my deepest secrets. People who cares a lot. People who inspires. People who make me laugh. People who will not judge and accept me without excluding the odds.

I was able to bring along two friends of mine. =)
Ana and I used to work with Pinay years ago..
It was good to see her.
Us beside Pinay’s poster! We rock! =)
Hang-out with friends some times.. is a good way to cope too..=)

My dog and my cats, little creations who are capable of showing you that you are the most important thing for them. By just the adoring look in their eyes. They’re like an extension of my family. And yes, family. That every aftermath of a hideous fight, love is still there.

After exchanging words that we regretted saying afterwards. During the silence. All I could feel is love. And I feel God too. And there is no reason good enough to counter that God is love. And love is God. However bickering I can be, and question His whereabouts. He is there. He is here. And I think, always He will be. ~My Lord, let this life that you gifted me is the same gift that I will present to you. Each day of my life.~