More than two dozen reasons to be thankful for 2014!

More than two dozen reasons to be thankful for 2014!

I’ve always created “Year-enders” over the years. Reminiscing amazing moments month by month, I just stopped doing it when my father went home 3 years ago. I could not include that time when we lost him. I end up always disheartened. This year, I think I am brave enough to recall the year that was, even without papa.

1. I am grateful to realize that being single is as much as wonderful as having a partner. So I did not mind. I was blessed to have some beautiful men who took care of my heart in the past.

I’ll always thank God for giving me you!
Thank you for everything Daddy!
Thank you too! Always!

2. I am grateful for having two entirely different men who wooed me to the extent of seeing myself make another life-altering decision just after months of being single. Why I am thankful? Both men didn’t last. They’re gone now like fleeting winds. I am grateful that I was not trapped with another love (or so I thought) that I am not 100% sure.

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3. I am grateful for being reunited with my papa’s clan.

4. Knowing a little sweet girl named Summer.

Be good always baby! ❤

5. My son’s transparency on what he wanted in life and to discern that he is my one and only Hero, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Thor, and all the heroes there could ever be, He is that to me only when evil creeps in.

I’ll always love you son! ❤

6. Learning to be humble during times when I was supposed to be flying high with pride.

Humility doesn’t mean you think less of yourself.    It means you think of yourself less. Ken Elanchard

7. Espacio Diseno, Inc.

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8. Friends for life-the truest kind.

Anne, Pam, Jayne, Mia, Ruby, Lany. Courtesy of:

9. My pink and purple comforter.

10. My I-phone. Or should I say the person who gave it to me. I’ve always dreamt of having a BB and I couldn’t believe I could even have something more. My BB is now with my son. Unfortunately, BB might have hit the rocks and I’d really be one of those to be sad about it.

Muchos Gracias Mejor Amiga! ❤
jungle 3
My Blackberry! ❤

11. Walt Disney movie – Frozen. Not the film. But the song: “Let it go“. I’ve been singing it the whole time like a national anthem.

Elsa and Anna from Frozen…

12. Anticipating a new refrigerator for my kitchen.

13. Artisanal donuts from Scarsdale. My comfort food.

My comfort food…

14. My 5th lighthouse with Jen (my travel foodie buddy). Capones.

Thank you for fixing everything foodie travel buddy… ❤

15. That red square bag from my boss.

Michael Kors!!! Yey!

16. My cats. My ever-faithful dog.

My Ewok! Muning, baby Tisay and Whitey’s pictures to follow…

17. Mama’s daily dose of lessons on patience.

Patience, patience, patience…

18. Facebook.

Facebook! Courtesy of:
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19. OPW Blog site as my coping tool.

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20. Finishing my book.

“Quilted Dreams” Courtesy of:

21. Curly wavy girly cutie hair.

Finally! I had my locks! (–,)

22. My ever-loving, ever-supportive in-laws. Magistrado clan.

My in-laws. ❤

22. Instagram.

Lovin’ livin’ everyday!<3


Chel, Anna, Thez, Jho and Essie… love you always my sissys! ❤

24. My soul daughters. Chabebe. Leah. and Yuri.

Yuri, Leah and Chabebe!<3

24. My Capiz lanterns.

25. The Walking Dead. It’s not just about loathsome zombies. It’s also about love, forgiveness, family, survival being brave. And being alert. I love the twist and turns. The different emotions it gave me.

TWD cast! Hoping for more Seasons! ❤

26. My travel foodie buddy, photographer, Cook, room mate, my books supplier, etc.

Thank you Bhe! ❤ #bhebhekamukhasyanimamamary!!!! lol!

27. The capacity to laugh!

Thank you for the laughter Pops!<3

The year that was. Tiring as it may seem. Super low blood pressure. Allergies. Typhoons. Mama’s pain. Deadlines. Missed-outs. Sunday bliss. My writing is still the best way that I get the negatives into different perspectives. The law of balance. God’s love everyday. I’ve said it before. And I’m saying it again. I get to taste life’s sweetness because I’ve tasted what isn’t sweet too. It made me know the difference. A better year ahead to all!

The heart that loves is always young. Courtesy of: