Pashmina Mania: “What’s in a shawl?”

Pashmina Mania: What’s in a shawl?

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ~Coco Chanel~

As I was browsing my photo albums, I noticed a specific item that I was never without all of my working and traveling years. I was always with a shawl. So what’s in a shawl anyway?

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First things first. Personally, I’ve seen it as a part of my or most girls’ fashion arsenal. It comes in attractive and vibrant colors and there’s a lot to choose from. You can have different kinds of prints that can match any outfit. If I have enough funds, I can get as many as I could upon my visits to Pashmina stores. During travel, I get one from each stop.

Shawls are meant to cover our skin, to protect us from either heat or cold. History says, the original Pashmina (or Pashm – a Persian word meaning wool), which came from the Pashmina goats.

They are either hand-spun or woven. The first batch was woven in India. The most expensive shawl, recorded was the Shatoosh. Which fibers came from the beard hair of the wild Ibex. The finest of it’s kind. Per my research, the fad for shawls boomed in the mid-90s. It has been a part of a girl’s daily life. I also learned, that Pashmina fibers are thinner than Cashmere’s fibers.

“The most popular Pashmina fabric is a 70% Pashmina/30% silk blend, but 50/50 is also common. The 70/30 is tightly woven, has an elegant sheen and drapes nicely, but is still quite soft and light-weight.”

For me, I have utilized them in different ways. I’ve used it in the beach. They have been part of my throws in our sofa. I’ve used it as a belt. I’m even thinking to use them as a table skirt. Currently, I’ve used some for my ceiling, getting the idea of a spa which displayed cotton sheets in their ceiling giving the room a feel of softness.

Below are some of my collections:

Sagada (my most expensive “Coach” shawl)

It’s too cold in Sagada at 9 degrees, so I still have it ready even if I have a heavy corduroy jacket..

Ugu Bigyan Pottery


One of my favorite scarf/ shawl/ Pashmina: because it’s pink and purple! ❤

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With a colleague, Sarsi

With my colleague…=)

With Lany

With my office sissy!
With College friends!

Visiting the park, with Lee

I especially liked this animal print one.. It matched my flats..

Great Gatsby themed – Christmas Party

Lovin’ teal then and mommy gave me this..

A gift from my cuz-Wena

A gift from my cuz!

Nagsasa cove – beach in Zambales

Protected my skin from the heat of the sand..

Visiting a heritage site in Manila – Intramuros

Casa Manila, Intramuros. I used it as a belt…

Canyon woods, Tagaytay

My red scarf… This is in Tagaytay, March and so cold…brrr…

Casa San Pablo

As a tube!=)

Laoag, Ilocos Norte

Silver and violet is a good combination..


Peacock like design..=)

I have disposed some of the old ones that I’ve acquired through the years and kept my favorites and those that have sentimental values. Mind you. They kept on coming. I got 2 new shawls this year. And I’m so happy! Pashmina junkie!

I think my son acquired the habit! =)
mirror too
This is a silk one, combination of gold and lavender… =)

I am by the way a fan of Kafe Fassett too! And aside from his quilts, he’s got shawls too! ❤

Kafe Fassett fan
Fassett fan! ❤

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I think I aqcuired the liking from my grandma. She gave me 3 different Pashminas from Italy which are gifts for her by my priest to be then uncle. And my uncle would not mind. The 2 new ones, paisleys in pastels and a black one. I’d be wearing one of these days and post them here. Thank you foodie buddy for the Pashminas! Xoxo! ❤ ❤ ❤