CAFE MACARON at The Raffles Hotel

Cafe Macaron at The Raffles Hotel 

“The best things in life are sweet.”

For a recent non-work related activity that I squeezed-in over a very busy weekend, we were able to spot this new cafe and enjoyed our favorite pastries while being awed with the interiors of the hotel. How I wish to spend a night here soon. I was taking photos at every corner like a tourist and passers-by are acknowledging it as if they are also admiring its’ beauty. =)

Fresh orchids – in pink, yellow and violet! (–,)
Can’t help it!
Cherry blossoms!

There are artworks too!

An abstract..
Giant vases were a a focal point too..
And a painting depicting Filipinas..

So after the activity, off we rushed to the nearest cafe, the two of us had croissants, dessert, our liquid doze of nicotine and of course macarons at Cafe Macaron situated at the ground floor of Raffles hotel in Makati City.

We were greeted by this smiling attendant.. Those two girls are not us but guests as well..

We were still chatting about the author of Silver linings. Recalling how it went, the way he gleefully answered all questions, then our orders arrived earlier than we expected.

top view

I was still nibbling some baby marshmallows while we were arguing what book to buy written by the author that we listened to some few minutes ago. Love may fail or another one with a “peacock” on its’ title.


So as natural foodie, we refrained from our non-stop talking and started on filling our famished tummies. I had butter croissant (I even still asked for more butter) which made me slightly guilty,

extra butter
Thank you for spoiling me! =)

and my bff had ham and cheese croissant. It’s crunchy texture on the outside left several crumbs on my plate.

For our sweet tooth, I had my eclair (not with the typical batter inside, its’ fillings are chocolates which I asked Jen to consume, as she can’t say no to chocolates too!)

The chocolate on top is heavenly..

She also got a cupcake – coffee caramel flavor.

coffee caramel
Coffee caramel

And since they are applauded with their macarons, we get two of their best sellers – “quezo de bola” and salted caramel for Ms. Caramel! ahaha!

pick ur choice
Take your pick!

It is also funny that Jen liked my quezo de bola better than what she picked, and ironically, I liked better her salted caramel because I can sense a scant of cultured molds from its’ fillings although it tasted salty cheesy in a way.  I missed to ask too as to what kind of cheese was utilized and just took the name of it (quezo de bola) literally.

Signature macarons… there’s even a flavor with calamansi on it..
They will be packaged with these nice tasseled boxes..

For our beverage, I had my epic cafe latte and cappuccino for bff.

Sugar or syrup? Syruuuupp!!!

I was piqued to try Makati fog because it sounds cute and interesting to me but then apparently I found out that it is not coffee but tea. So I switched to my original choice. And instead of sugar, I had mine poured with a simple syrup.

cafe macaron
Lovin’ counters..
look up
While looking up to its’ sophisticated lighting fixtures..

Pastries definitely satiates my hunger, I was known as a rice girl, though I’d rather be known as a carbo girl, not giving a damn with the extra weight it’ll add on to my petite structure. Pastries, breads, pasta and of course – rice. Yay!

Happy tummies! =)

Raffles Hotel is at 1 Raffles drive, Makati avenue, Makati City… Just fronting Greenbelt…=)