RAFFAELE… Bay Leaf hotel

Raffaele – Our Premise on Pizza…

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.
-John Ruskin-

I discovered Raffaele while browsing for places that used the color violet for their interiors.

violet n pistacchio green
Very beautiful combination…<3
Pistachio green, deep purple and canary on wooden finish furniture…
violet glass window
Velvety soft…
ice bucket
Ice bucket neatly placed in all posts..
lets dig!
Embroidered place mats are rustic for me..=)
color violet
Very festive color mix..
after ordering
Attendants are very friendly..=) no sign seen of impatience…despite of our countless requests…
Copy of rnr
Since it’s a holiday..we get to choose wherever we wanna be sitted…

The picture woke up my sleeping senses and instantly admired it. Much to my surprise, Raffaele is in Bay leaf Hotel which I intend to visit because of Cioccolata.

bay leaf front
There are only a few floors…
bay leaf
Courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/thebayleafintramuros/photos_stream
event area stairs
To the terrace..
me stairs
My favorite pose! ❤
view from the windw
I must assume this sight is lovelier at night…

A cafe that boasts their famous Churros and since I’ve been loving the famous Churros from Dulcinea ever since college days. Eating it while hot and dipping it with a mini cup of equally hot chocolate, the happiness I get from the first to the last bite is still fresh in my mind.

Unfortunately, Cioccolata at that time is closed and is under renovation. Hmmmn (work mode!). We will go back to try it no matter what. =)

We shall return! ❤

I discovered Cioccolata from a fellow blogger. He focuses on luxury hotels and the attractive photos of churros caught my attention instantly. I immediately type its’ name on my bucket list.

Raffa logo shape
menu cover
I think I know who did this menu cover.. (–,)
Violet menu..

The lunch visit was so worth it since having a wood-fired pizza with my foodie buddy and the “TDF” gamberetti, specialty coffee as our drinks after a long walk in the Old Manila is something I sometimes consider as a nifty adventure.

compli breads
Flour tortillas with vinaigrette..
Gamberetti in olive oil, garlic and almonds..
Not too hefty! =)
Iced Macchiato and Cafe Latte…

Not to forget the stop-overs to that old Chinese restaurant where we had fresh lumpia, some hopia (violet ones =>) from Eng bee tin, and some siopaos too.

Since 1950..
escolta tiwn towers
How many years did this ancient building survive?
Natural quartz stone lamps from Spain I assumed.
Archaic street – Escolta..

At Raffaele, Bay leaf, we finished our food even if we’re already loaded prior to that visit. (Literally Foodie!)

Evaluating their pizza comparing them from several parlors I’ve been to. The aroma of cooking it differently is what made it special. The dough is kinda creamy and chewy.

my pizza
Isn’t the plate so lovely?
wd jen
Burp burp! ahaha

I knew there’s a lot more parlors I haven’t tried. Somehow, it also reminded us of Vieux Chalet. Though I voted for my top 12 in my opinion ( they are in random and weren’t listed according to their ranking). Bestie and I even planned to stay even for just a night after strolling at Ongpin to buy my mom’s medicines from China town.

Very tempting! (–,)

We know for a fact that shopping in Divisoria or for that most part of the activity is a kind of retail therapy too, and when shopping, it is really tiring, so why not enjoy the comfort of their beds and probably dip in their pool in the morning before checking out. With all the tiresomeness of a usual week juggling work and errands at home is like being wrapped in a million concerns. Maybe it’s just right to give ourselves with some nice treats from time to time.

This was a surprise upon alighting from the elevator..
Resembling chocolate bars are dividers..
lobby 2
lobby 1
Facing the elevators entrance..
back door
What is Old Manila without the Calesas? =)

Our next stop might be one (or two) of the following:

Acacia in Alabang

Celeste in Pasay road

My Kitchen by Chef Cris at The Oasis Paco Park Hotel

Coffee.com at Hotel Jen (as requested by Jen!)

Midas in Pasay

B Hotel in Alabang (as requested by moi!)

Henry Hotel in Pasay

Azumi Hotel in Alabang

Picasso in Makati

Verbena in Tagaytay

Indeed, there’s a lot out there able to provide us some R&R and gastronomic delights. It’s all a matter of prioritizing and budgeting and time-management.

love it here
Happy to be here!

Crossing my fingers not to count months before we be able to do something like this again! Yey! ❤