RICA’s Cafe – at The Henry Hotel, Cebu

Rica’s Cafe at The Henry Hotel

“ART washes from the soul the dusts of everyday life.”

The Henry Hotel is alongside the other famous boutique hotels under the management of Hospitality Innovators, Inc. I’ve always been a fan of this group that keeps alive the spirit of Art be it modern, vintage or contemporary. Picasso Hotel in Makati focused on Picasso’s timeless pieces while Azumi Hotel in Alabang has a unique charm, a little bit more modern, and these two are just among the other Hotels they came up with to mention a few. The latest that they tossed-off is The Henry Hotel which is located in Cebu.

The facade..

I have listed it down in my places to visit per year, and not having a glitch in my memory, the red guy has definitely tormented me for months.

red guy 2
The famous red guy.. I saw 3 from the north too.. Somewhere in Tuguegarao. =)

And even before setting my wandering feet here again, they came up with another which is located in Pasay City. Just an hour away from home. Still, my heart absolutely yearns for the one in Cebu. After which, I’ll visit the one in Harrison, Pasay City. The place is so full of life, modern life if I may say, ironically, the quirkiness of the place – from vintage elements and pieces of prevailing trends, the eclectic combination of the two eras enjoined resulted into a very bubbly place.

quirky rica
Guess who is this blondie?
wall art
A simple wall art nailed it..
red couch
A touch of red here and there..

It speaks for itself. And as a proof, it became so illustrious and famous which only means that the idea clicked in the market in every sense of the word. I would run out of time researching for modern vibes utilized in Architecture and Interior design both local and abroad that inspired the place. And I found myself in awe as to how the designer of this hotel conceptualized how the space will imbibe such wit and beauty and function combined.

Central lobby..

Colors aren’t flashy even the famous red guy, he is literally bold red right? Though the theme calls for it that he will have to take the center of attention so to speak.

red guy
Me with Mr. Red!

I am grateful to be in Cebu several times so I am no longer that girl with a map stuck on my nose for the most of the day.

Life in a suitcase…
long table
Focal point of the dining area..
Symmetry at the bar..
Stocks of Campbells and McCormicks..

As for the items in their menu, we couldn’t help but praise ourselves for picking the best ones with the help of one of their charming attendant. Please check for yourself: Much as I want to sit in those chairs that I’m eyeing to see for the longest time, we opted to choose a different table.

audrey chair
Felt good…=)
audrey 2
One more please..=)
Traditional chands..
curtain chands
And a modish one..
lazy cat
Lazy cat..

The long table perhaps is of course meant for big groups. And besides I saw a “reserve” signage on it so I didn’t insist. And I really don’t mind. We were given a more private corner of our own.


The complimentary appetizer is awesome for a start. If we could ask for more, we will, but just as we took the last bite of the focacia flat bread sticks, our orders has arrived.

Focacia flat bread sticks for a start..
cheese cigar
Mozzarella inside..

As an appetizer, we had what they call – cheese cigars. With its’ excruciating degree of creaminess due to its’ mozzarella fillings.

Oh so tender… Angus beef tapa for tatty..
5 cheese
4 cheese pizza for Echo..
Lengua estofado…I was tongue-tied..=)
One of their best sellers..  Brazo de Mantecado..
Enticingly delicious..
A corner for liquor lovers too..

These viands are actually stuff we are very familiar with like a tradition, and it requires more than just a word. It evokes how many painstakingly trial and errors before they came up with the final recipe and they are all just right, well for my taste bud if I may say. Besides, the two men with me were 2 thumbs up, meaning they enjoyed just what we have consumed in no time.

2 thumbs up
Happy tummy!

There is this certain angst when I am the one recommending, since I haven’t tried Rica’s yet, I am hoping at the back of my mind that their food is good!!! There is no point in convincing them verbally as it is seen on their faces, knowing how picky these two can be.

table cloth
Cubiertos on their liners are deceiving.. But is a cute idea! =)

Bon appetit!

Rica’s Cafe is at: #1 Paseo Saturnino Ma. Luisa Road Banilad, 6000 Cebu City

Phone: 032-5207516

They’re at the lobby of “The Henry Hotel”.