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Acacia Hotel

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It’s true that we need to take care of ourselves health-wise, though a little indulgence in any form won’t hurt that much and is just as good for you because it made you happy. Isn’t it that being healthy and happy are always from within.

I just noticed, that there is one hotel in Alabang, Muntinlupa City that I haven’t seen yet. The one that is very Filipino. The Acacia Hotel. And just in time, giving in to foodie buddys’ whim. She wanted to check it too. Yay!

Here it is!

The lobby was grand, I’ve always admired floor to ceiling glass panels where natural light comes in. We were ushered by the attendants, they were so welcoming and we were given their leaflets for the rates of their rooms both during peak and lean season.

lobby 3
I wonder what hotels in other countries look like..=)
lobby 1
I ❤ Stairs!
jens idea
And Jen’s idea..

It felt and looked worthy to try soon. Besides, it is a stone throw away from my favorite rendezvous – Alabang Town Center and Commerce center which is just in front of it. A “staycation” is a cute idea.

From the splendid lobby we were invited to sit on a table for two, with tall, white wing chairs in black floral patterns which looked like a damask from afar. It achieved an ornate look that is if it is the desired result of the Designer. I honestly find it very stylish.

table for two
For two..

The table is actually right across the chillers where the pastries are displayed. It immediately steal my attention and we were tempted to try their food even if we’ve just had our lunch a few minutes ago.

chiller 3
Instead of gettin’ their Best seller.. I got the one that’s best for me..=)
They have ensaymadas too! Though nothing beats Crimsons’ Ensaymada for me, it’s the one with ube inside..=)
chiller 2
I saw Eclairs, Cream puff, apple pie! All of my favorites are here!

We saw four cheese pizza from their Snack menu : Bleu cheese, Emmental, Brie and Mozzarella cheese, this has become our favorite lately). However, not a lot of people likes the “tang” of Bleu cheese, and we were informed that it can be replaced as you wish. Emmental is from its’ name originated from Emmental, Switzerland. It is made from cow’s milk and are with some types of bacteria and matured for more than a year. Did you know that there is a Cheese World Championship and Emmentaler was the first one to win the title? While, Brie as we all know came from cow’s milk as well from Brie, France. It has molds in it too.

pizza 2
Nothing but cheese! Four kinds! =)

All in all, the combination of these four created an utterly distinct taste and to have them on your pizza without the meat and other toppings is more than enough. It was a good choice among the other variants: Antipasto Misto, Pepperoni, Margarita and Supreme. I was actually contemplating between Margarita and Four cheese since I love tomatoes as well. Then, the four cheese was voted by Jen so we ordered for it and of course a sweet one from the chiller for me.

think think

Definitely it can only be: blueberry cheesecake.

bb cheesecake
All time favorite..=) They top it with Pistachio nuts, and those gold tiny pearls are edibles too!

For our drinks, being coffee lovers, we opted for a caffe latte and caramel machiatto for Jen.

cafe latte
Mine with simple syrup..
Jens’ is Caramel machiatto..

The food, ambiance and service were good enough for our money’s worth.

Their food was a proof that the Filipino Chefs taking care of this hotels’ menu line gave their special touch, that it was worth a second try.

sitting pretty
See you again Acacia!


As a rule, I assess (forgive me) a hotel if their comfort rooms are provided with bidets in their cubicles, they disappointed me on this category. Being accustomed to it, papa installed bidets in all comfort rooms since I was a child. I just got used to it. Like I can’t do without it anymore. However, it was compensated by the hand dryer. The air coming from it is scented. Wow!

bye jen
Let’s go Jen!
pressed lavenders
Pressed lavenders!
Spell happiness!

Dress Code: Casual Chic

Acacia Hotel Manila is located at:
5400 East Asia Drive corner Commerce Avenue,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,
Muntinlupa City 1781
Telephone: ++63 2 7202000 / ++63 2 5885888
Telephone: ++63 2 7202028 / ++63 2 5885828

Mobile: ++63 917 5281504 (room reservations only)