The Lobby lounge at The Crimson Hotel

Pastry Chase! ❤

We all love pastries. It makes us full in itself. And not all restaurants have a complete line of our favorite pastry unless we go to Specialty pastry shops. Normally, we make do of the limited choices after a full meal. The usual ones might have been cheesecakes, chocolate fudge, “tiramisu” is famous, ensaymada to mention.

Pastry corner!
While waiting for the pastries, I took this..
And this..Are they kissing?

After trying a few from Crimson hotel. We had chocolate ensaymada, Ube ensaymada, cinnamon roll topped with blueberries, crinkles and cheesecakes.

Cafe 8..
3 kinds…

We realized we had too much since there’s quite a lot to choose from and we opted to bring home some of those that we ordered.

To go!

In the vernacular, it is “takaw-mata”(a Filipino phrase used to describe a state of hunger brought about by an enticing, visually appetizing meal or dish). Courtesy of:

And we actually wanna try them all. A few visits more, and we will be able to select our favorites.

As early as now, I was able to pick the best one for me. The ube ensaymada. The toppings of it with those plethora of grated cheese was so inviting and it surprised me to find out that there’s more ube fillings too!


I guess I can consume 1 more of this. I’ve always loved ensaymada! According to my instinct, from its’ look while it was still in the shelf:

I want ube, anything with ube! ❤

with a glass cover meant to maintain its’ freshness I already knew it would taste so heavenly. Probably because ube is a favorite of mine too. Its’ double dose of happiness for me.

Had I not taken a heavy breakfast that morning I could have tried their breakfast too. Though there will always be next times right?

What even made it better is they are very affordable. The price is even lower than the pastries from predominant coffee shops that we get used to. The one that they call third wave coffee shops.

This one is topped with blueberries!

Now that I’ve tried the best ensaymada for me (and for now) just like how I favored Muhlachs’, this ensaymada from an old bakery in our hometown, the super soft from Mary grace cafe, Becky’s Kitchen, Hizon’s, etc. I am now in search of the top 10 list of the country. A challenge to benefit my blogging and eating spree as well. In fact, part of my adventure is eating and savoring them with my loved ones. Or if I went out alone, bring something for my loved-ones. What’s the use of visiting a new place without checking out what’s in store for your hungry tummy? It is appreciating the culture of each. I’d be setting aside dieting for the meantime. It is time to indulge and filling stomachs makes us full and happy like filling your soul.

The corners of that hotel didn’t just filled my tummy up, it also filled up my hungry eyes to see more forms of Arts unexpectedly.

Feed my soul..
Checked the outdoor too in anticipation.
Cobonpue created a trend in furniture design. I am not sure if this is his.

See you again Crimson!

Crimson hotel is located at:

Entrata Urban Complex, 2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City