Laughter is the BEST medicine!

Laughter is the BEST medicine!

“A day without laughter is a day wasted”.  


Seeing moments like these made me smile the whole day.

And I certainly agree with Mr. Charlie Chaplin that a day without laughter is a wasted day.

It all boils down to one important thing in life. It is to focus on the positive, look on the brighter side of life and any weight will be lighter. More so, laugh till you drop over something funny but not to the expense of others of course. Be it a giggle or a belly chuckle, it definitely makes our day.

As several studies say, it makes our heart healthy, it can even help us burn calories like kissing! It produces more anti-bodies, and laughing dilates our blood vessels thus aids in lowering blood pressure. It reduces pain, relieves tensed muscles, stimulates our organs and reduces our stress hormones.

And honestly, I am more inclined to linger with people who has great humor. I get to learn loving them so easily. =) It is so light to be around them. However bad you feel, people with humor tends to instantly lighten up your mood. Especially the ones who are good at convincing you that it is best to be happy than sulk. You will laugh right away seeing their efforts to convince you. The friendship that unfolds is far more enduring when there are more happy times spent together.

Don’t you agree that there is no other pleasure than making other people happy? I can only be grateful with these people who made me laugh while crying. ahaha! I mean, during my lowest times, there are people capable enough to turn negative into positive.

A genuine laughter if you notice is even contagious. So you are not just the one who is happy but the people around you as well. So go ahead, laugh out loud! It doesn’t hurt and is even beneficial in the long run. =)

laughter 6
Oh, I could not even recall why are we laughing here..
laughter 1
This circle of mine are really happy people. All the few times we get together, there will always be genuine fun and laughter. =)
laughter 2
At another time with my highschool friends..
laughter 3
And another with the same group..
laughter 4
I really have difficulties in containing myself is something is funny..=p
laughter 5
Like here..

We cant help but laugh because the wind is so strong, the umbrella could have taken us up and away!jayne

We cant help but laugh because the wind is so strong, the umbrella could have taken us up and away!

wd pam 2
With my college best friend..
wd pam
With her again in another occasion..
Even at work! ehehe
While having snacks with my son’s best buddy..

Stay happy! If possible, daily! =)

RAJEMATE’s Saturdate – Christmas party 2015

RAJEMATE’s Saturdate – Christmas party 2015 

“A true friend understands your past, believes in your tomorrow, and accepts you today just the way you are.” 

6 girls
Courtesy of:

2015 is about to end. Me and my high school friends made it a point to end the year with another party.

North bound! =)
It took us more than 4 hours but it was all worth it!

Going back, 2015 allowed us the capability to celebrate each of our birthdays. Each a happy one.

This time, we celebrated God’s birthday. We had our own Christmas party in the midst of traffic gridlock on EDSA and as usual the cramped schedules of everyone. As we decided to do it in Bulacan, where Anna’s home is, it is also a gratitude act for the host since she always travel all the way to South from North in every celebration while the rest of us are based in Laguna.

Trivia! =) Book photo courtesy of:

It was full of happy memories, laughter and fun. Lots of stories too about those days when we were just teenagers.

Our potion for staying young – laugh, laugh, laugh!
Courtesy of: th-bernie-september-8-2014/
Courtesy of:

We also had our traditional exchange gift. And all was happy getting theirs. They prepared something for my mom too, which I am sure, made her happy as well. The kids are also having a good time, so everybody is happy.

gifts 3
They made me happy and my mama too!=)
gifts 1
It’s the thought that counts – always!
gifts 2
The spirit of sharing…
As I’ve always been saying: happy girls are the prettiest! And so are we! (–,) Photo courtesy of:


We also planned our birthdays for next year. It would be a simpler one, not as lavish as we did for each this year. Because we are saving for our trip to Batanes in 2017. It’d be our gift to ourselves as we reach a milestone of thirty loooong years. A friendship that weathered storms. We had it all. Ups and downs. Unusual fights. Peace-makers. Lonesomeness. Quirkiness.

Even Chel’s endless list!

All of our dreams. Those that came true and about to come true. And even those that didn’t come true.

Over the finest cognac in the world..
Spell h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s!!!

We thrived. We were grateful for 2015 as this year made the shackle of friendship sturdier. Our hearts beat thankfulness. Cheers to old age, stalwart as it can be, sageness in the years to come, and forever.

We all love music!
And of course food! Lol!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog. Each of us wishes one another just one thing. Happiness. And so we’re extending it to everyone!

card 2
We woke up like this! Ahaha!
Eat, laugh and be merry!
going home
From our home to yours!

Happy Christmas to all! ❤

God gifted me with a sister… My soul sister…


God must have been so kind to every human being including me. As I am an only daughter. That even if I didn’t have the chance to experience having a sister by blood. He gifted me with not just one but several sisters by heart and soul.

It allowed me to define in a deeper way the meaning of friendship and family.

And I miss the first soul I have come to love. I miss her bubbly way of telling me stories. The way she makes me laugh (hard) while refusing that she’s trying to be funny. I miss the way she explains in details some facts about someone or a celebrity that we are interested of. I miss the songs she shared with me. Our love for books.

I also miss our numerous travels together. Exploring places some would not be aware were of existence. She is good at that. Discovering places and literally preparing impeccable  itineraries.

I miss the way she taught me about seeing life in a different way. As deep as seeing Chakras, appreciating the rest of the worlds’ elements and beyond. Seeing through someone’s soul. We both believed then that we are old souls. Perhaps like sisters in another time.

I miss how she showed me to redeem oneself however deep the soul has been wounded. And from these it brought me into being convinced that even my scars can be a part of my beauty.

She writes well, her imagination is something you can’t under estimate. I look forward to her thoughts. In black and white. I once requested her to be a guest writer in my blog and that was a long time ago.

I learned from her about transparency and the capacity to forgive and hope and love that doesn’t diminish despite of odd times. Maybe in the corner of my mind. They were necessary. She helped me to value myself more and choose my battles.

Lastly, she thought me to hope that if things are falling apart, maybe they are falling apart but will land on its’ proper places eventually.

Writing this in the wee hours when we used to talk about anything under the moon and the sun. With hope, faith, love, respect and gratitude. All those beautiful emotions. A beautiful truth revealing and welling up in my heart.

Written like an extended prayer and fall asleep with a smile not only in my face but in my heart as well.

jayne 6

High School Buddies…

High School Buddies…

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ” ~Elizabeth Foley~

It is high-time to meet up with my high school friends. A lot of occasion passed and we haven’t got the time to bond due to busy schedules.

We made it a habit taking advantage of each of our birthday. The eldest of the group, Chel requested to treat her this time at Yaki-mix.

27 years ago, we were still like kids..
Grew up together…
Girlfriends are priceless!
Girlfriends are priceless! Courtesy of:
HBD Chel! ❤ ❤ ❤

Whoever celebrates their birthday decides as to how and where to celebrate her birthday.  She wanted everyone to be full and suggested to eat at a buffet restaurant. Since most of us are all from the South of Laguna. We ended up in Ayala town center, Alabang.

Thinking of these people, were always made of sweet thoughts, I lovingly collected some moments with them. The friendship was already  twenty seven years old, and counting:

Essie’s birthday!
Chel’s and Essie’s birthday at Thess’ house!
Chel’s birthday again? ahaha
On our way to Canyon woods!
Essie’s birthday!
My birthday!
Essie’s wedding!
And Chel’s again! lol!
Chel’s new mansion!

For Chel’s birthday this year, the “Buena mano” girl as we call her. As always, we just had a blast for this year’s first party at Yakimix… Next is Essie, as requested: Bellevue Hotel. Next is moi, per request too: City of Dreams. Next celebrant on August: Anna. Someplace beautiful too. On October for Thess: Stilts, Batangas. And for our bunso: Jho, is yet to be disclosed. Looking forward to these days… Till then! ❤