God gifted me with a sister… My soul sister…


God must have been so kind to every human being including me. As I am an only daughter. That even if I didn’t have the chance to experience having a sister by blood. He gifted me with not just one but several sisters by heart and soul.

It allowed me to define in a deeper way the meaning of friendship and family.

And I miss the first soul I have come to love. I miss her bubbly way of telling me stories. The way she makes me laugh (hard) while refusing that she’s trying to be funny. I miss the way she explains in details some facts about someone or a celebrity that we are interested of. I miss the songs she shared with me. Our love for books.

I also miss our numerous travels together. Exploring places some would not be aware were of existence. She is good at that. Discovering places and literally preparing impeccable  itineraries.

I miss the way she taught me about seeing life in a different way. As deep as seeing Chakras, appreciating the rest of the worlds’ elements and beyond. Seeing through someone’s soul. We both believed then that we are old souls. Perhaps like sisters in another time.

I miss how she showed me to redeem oneself however deep the soul has been wounded. And from these it brought me into being convinced that even my scars can be a part of my beauty.

She writes well, her imagination is something you can’t under estimate. I look forward to her thoughts. In black and white. I once requested her to be a guest writer in my blog and that was a long time ago.

I learned from her about transparency and the capacity to forgive and hope and love that doesn’t diminish despite of odd times. Maybe in the corner of my mind. They were necessary. She helped me to value myself more and choose my battles.

Lastly, she thought me to hope that if things are falling apart, maybe they are falling apart but will land on its’ proper places eventually.

Writing this in the wee hours when we used to talk about anything under the moon and the sun. With hope, faith, love, respect and gratitude. All those beautiful emotions. A beautiful truth revealing and welling up in my heart.

Written like an extended prayer and fall asleep with a smile not only in my face but in my heart as well.

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