RAJEMATE’s Saturdate – Christmas party 2015

RAJEMATE’s Saturdate – Christmas party 2015 

“A true friend understands your past, believes in your tomorrow, and accepts you today just the way you are.” 

6 girls
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2015 is about to end. Me and my high school friends made it a point to end the year with another party.

North bound! =)
It took us more than 4 hours but it was all worth it!

Going back, 2015 allowed us the capability to celebrate each of our birthdays. Each a happy one.

This time, we celebrated God’s birthday. We had our own Christmas party in the midst of traffic gridlock on EDSA and as usual the cramped schedules of everyone. As we decided to do it in Bulacan, where Anna’s home is, it is also a gratitude act for the host since she always travel all the way to South from North in every celebration while the rest of us are based in Laguna.

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It was full of happy memories, laughter and fun. Lots of stories too about those days when we were just teenagers.

Our potion for staying young – laugh, laugh, laugh!
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We also had our traditional exchange gift. And all was happy getting theirs. They prepared something for my mom too, which I am sure, made her happy as well. The kids are also having a good time, so everybody is happy.

gifts 3
They made me happy and my mama too!=)
gifts 1
It’s the thought that counts – always!
gifts 2
The spirit of sharing…
As I’ve always been saying: happy girls are the prettiest! And so are we! (–,) Photo courtesy of: https://quotesgram.com/audrey-hepburn-quotes/


We also planned our birthdays for next year. It would be a simpler one, not as lavish as we did for each this year. Because we are saving for our trip to Batanes in 2017. It’d be our gift to ourselves as we reach a milestone of thirty loooong years. A friendship that weathered storms. We had it all. Ups and downs. Unusual fights. Peace-makers. Lonesomeness. Quirkiness.

Even Chel’s endless list!

All of our dreams. Those that came true and about to come true. And even those that didn’t come true.

Over the finest cognac in the world..
Spell h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s!!!

We thrived. We were grateful for 2015 as this year made the shackle of friendship sturdier. Our hearts beat thankfulness. Cheers to old age, stalwart as it can be, sageness in the years to come, and forever.

We all love music!
And of course food! Lol!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog. Each of us wishes one another just one thing. Happiness. And so we’re extending it to everyone!

card 2
We woke up like this! Ahaha!
Eat, laugh and be merry!
going home
From our home to yours!

Happy Christmas to all! ❤