Sunday Bliss… All about Massage therapy…

Sunday Bliss…
What’s beautiful about Sundays is that you are free to do anything as you please. I call it Sunday bliss. 
My usual Sunday is made of simple things. I’ve come to believe that the best things in life are free. Mine is my time to be free. Free to pursue my passion. And what are those actually? To cook for my loved ones. Tend to my papa’s garden. Visit the church. A not so late breakfast (or is it brunch?) while reading the Sunday papers or a book I could not finish out of falling asleep. Some retail therapy (if budget permits! =>). Eat out with people closest to your heart. Sip coffee. Go to a mall if not enjoying nature are my usual mood during Sundays. Lastly, I normally top my Sunday musing with a good massage.
Over the years, there is a spa in our place taking care of my aching soles, tired legs, unkink shoulders, swollen wings that are usually my complaint each time I encounter my masseur.
asian spa
My weekly indulgence…
Though, I’ve been to some:
Sujivana – Serenity place in Alabang…
One of my trips in Cebu…
nuat thai
We have a Nuat Thai in Pacita Complex, though the one in Libis is the prettiest. Courtesy of:
skin perfect cdo
In Cagayan de Oro…
Sonya’s Garden, Tagaytay…
Kapalua in Tacloban..
Lazuli spa in Marco polo, Davao…
banahaw spa
Even Banahaw spa too…
The busy week falls away in a hush upon seeing myself removing my slippers to lie on my back on a squeak free bed that has a hole for you to be able to breath even if you’re lying face down. The owner of this spa had briefed her people already of each personal preferences of their customers. Mine included. They even save a balm that I so much love which they bought from Bali. The scent for me is so soothing and it definitely relaxes all of my senses literally. It is like I’m sedated and incapable of allowing negative things to happen in my mind while the masseur does her usual strokes.
You would not believe that I used to prefer male masseur than female ones. Their pressure is more balanced and tougher. It might hurt a little though it’s tolerable. This kind of pampering is truly a delight. Though of course I’ll always choose a female one.
Getting married allowed me to bond with my sisters-in-law.  My two sisters-in-law are very fond of having a weekly massage at home. They have favorite spa too within the vicinity. I was so young at that time and I feel like my body isn’t asking for a massage anyway. I just observe them each time.
After a few years, Becoming an EA (Executive Assistant) sent me to different regions in the country. What I enjoyed most from those trips I’ve had in the VisMin (Visayas and Mindanao) were lingering in the spas.
You will be surprise that the spas there are more homey and less expensive than most spas that you’ll find in the Metro.
The surroundings since they’re in the province are so quaint and the attendants are very friendly (even friendlier) and treats each customer with genuine concern.
Their Spa menu varies while it includes the usual ones. Traditional pressure point which triggers our energy flow to get stimulated.
Different strokes for different folks and still the goal is for the blood and lymphatic circulation allowing us to acquire balance. Just by releasing whatever is negative within us.
It has been addicting since then. I am not just an spectator,  and seriously, I can no longer last a few weeks without it. A massage junkie! ❤ I am wishing to try these more expensive stress relievers too:
ice cream scrub
Ice cream scrub from Devarana, Dusit Thani hotel
Mandara in BGC…
Nurture spa is also recommended by my highschool buddies… =)
Shangri-la Makati…
island spa
Courtesy of:
the farm
The Farm San Benito is highly recommended by my soul sis.. I’m looking forward to see the resident peacocks and petals mandala..=)
Qi-wellness living in Tagaytay. Courtesy of:
So mystique… Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

There’s a lot in the Queen of the South (Cebu), Boracay and Palawan too! … =) I can’t wait to see and feel more even from other lands! ❤