Don’t judge a book by its’ cover…

“Don’t judge a book by its’ cover”

As I was browsing on my son’s Facebook page, I was surprised to find out that he had been sharing a link about a recently controversial story of a local comedian whose video went viral all over the net. Said news brought hate and dismay to the majority as this guy was known (or perceived to be) a family man.

Just recently, one of his kid was diagnosed of a cancer and he even asked helped on this from the public. He is known to be happily married and said video was a shock to so many, it is his private moments with another woman.

The article that my son was sharing declares that this comedian’s affair has ended already and that he and wife were starting anew. The leak of the video as assumed by many was from the other woman’s’ wrath.

This isn’t the first time my son made me realized or exposed me into seeing the other side of every story, or every person. Or giving a person a fair chance to show his good side or perhaps a story’s good side. There was this neighbor of ours, same as his age, who got imprisoned and accused of forcing a girl and I instantly apprehended him from befriending that teenager. My son, without qualms, informed me that the girl was actually his girlfriend and the parents who sent him to jail are the girls’ parents since they are against him. Typical mentality of Filipino parents for young lovers.

I had some guilt for judging right away. Eventually, I got to know the guy and I realized he is not a bad person at all. He was very courteous, and had always been greeting us each time we bump with each other.

My son literally taught me this, or actually taught me not to judge someone instantly without digging in deeper.

My dearest son…10 years ago. He is turning 18 this year. =)

I actually remember him as a little boy, around 5-6 years old. We will often apprehend him for being stubborn during Sunday mass, we were always there to run after him, only to find out that he is playing with street children who usually asks for money from the church goers. He will often disappear and we will caught him with the same group and he looked so happy and really enjoyed playing with them. He doesn’t care at all whether they look or smell differently from him or he is not aware, or he is still as innocent as a child can be. He doesn’t mind at all.

So many years had passed, he grew up with that innate trait, he does not judge a book by its’ cover. Seeing that article? Up to this very moment, He remained to be one. I guess I had to acquire that trait in no time. I love you Son. God is so good.

A day after I finished writing this and I was about to post this after work. I was talking to my soul buddy on our way home, she literally mentioned that it’s really true not to judge a book by its’ cover and we’re coming from another topic at that time. And I told her I was about to post it here, it was so timely and what a coincidence it had been. These two special people has always been in rhyme reminding me of beautiful things. They are like God’s representatives on earth. And I am so thankful having them in my life. It had been a double reminder for me. Thank you buddy! (–,)

My soul buddy…