Tough LOVE…

The beatings of a mother’s heart for her son…

Tough LOVE…

All I have I gave to thee,
A lasting love it’ll always be.
Drying your tears,
All through the night,
Embraced you tight,
With all my might,
All these, I offered thee.

Made you speak an ABC,
Made you write for them to see,
How bright you are to me,
I never imagined how it will be,
If you wont ever learn from me.

I gave it all, time and care,
And through it all, I can’t dare,
To see you miss a lot of fair,
All loads I tried to bear.

Each night, it crossed my mind,
How a mother can leave behind,
All memories of a son who’s blind,
Guide him in prayers, his dreams to climb.

He may be lost and is not aware,
Of the things that counts the most.
All of you young people beware,
For it may haunt you like a ghost.

Where d’you draw your courage?
Uncaring at your age…
When d’you realize to leaf a page?
And learn that one day you will pay the wage?

A mother’s love is infinite,
It is there and beyond,
It has no limits,
It never had a brand.

A mother’s love can be tough,
At times she needs to be rough,
Even when she’s old,
She will never grow cold,
Her love is eternal, shinier than gold.

Tough love as they call it,
Defy deepest pain, so be it.
Just so for a lost soul to find itself,
Gratefulness can not be in a shelf.

I might be gone,
Unlike the moon and the sun,
But do not ever fret my son,
As it is necessary to be both human and be a MAN.

“I made your wings so strong,
For you to aim where to belong,
If they might break, Just rest my child,
God will heal your wounds, so please be kind.”

I say one last prayer for you,
Thank God for ALL that He gave you,
Live each day with a grateful heart,
So blessings will pour on you,
Treasure them, the good and bad,
cherish them, the happy and sad.

For one morning when you wake up,
You will realize you are never you
Without GOD…